BILL WOOLLAM ON 9-11 AND FALSE FLAG TERRORISM: ‘US Administration admitted, months after 9/11, they had no evidence linking Bin Laden to the 9/11 project’

I am a Canadian and just finished voting today.  I have just witnessed the most obvious mass manipulation of public opinion aired since 9/11.  All morning long, television screens have been pushing the tale that “Bin Laden was killed today”.   It reminds me of the massive television broadcasts on and after 9/11 pushing the White House conspiracy theory that “Bin Laden and his boys pulled off the project”.   Then quietly, with barely a report from the mass media, we are informed later by US Administration rare interviews that “there is no evidence to indicate that Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11”.   Yet, we were still shown ‘faked’ and ‘doctored’ Bin Laden videos for years .

My conclusion is that the Canadian/American people have just been dished the biggest cock and bull story of them all, on election day.  As if to say to Canadians “Well now you know why we are here bombing the Afghanis, Iraqis and now the Libyans.  It is not to allow corporateers to overtake the opium fields or oil fields.  We had to catch guys like Bin Laden”  …And if you can’t put it all together, if you can’t see that on Canada’s election day we are being fed a cock and bull story, if you can’t figure it out with your thinker, then you deserve the fairy tale lies being aired daily on CBC, FOX,CNN and BBC….you deserve to be misled into warfare again, and again.

Why would the ‘White House conspiracy theory’ that “Bin Laden did it”, have any interest to those who have done a sincere investigation?  Even the US Administration admitted, months after 9/11, they had no evidence linking Bin Laden to the 9/11 project….But because people neither listen nor read beyond their nightly newscasts, the Bin Laden conspiracy theory which was originally promoted by the White House…has lived on.

I got so tired of the horse manure aired daily by CNN, CBC, BBC, NBC, FOX and the rest that I took a month and compiled a web blog titled:
“My Thoughts on 9/11 and False Flag Terrorism – by Bill Woollam” Just Google search that title and it will come up.

The ‘Muslim Terrorist apparatus’ was a creation of Central Intelligence.  Easily discovered if people will take the time to investigate and read a little.

Falsified evidence of non-existent weapons of mass destruction, faked ‘bin laden videos’, fictitious hijackers, incomplete study by the National Institute For Standards in Technology, cover-up of the controlled demolition factor of the 3 towers, and cover-up of the explosive material (Thermate) found in the dust of ground zero…..All pointed to a major operation used to garner support to war on both Afghanistan (for their opium and lithium resources) and Iraq (for their oil resources).

Both illegally invaded countries now have ‘privatized’ banking systems where International bankers control the profits and cash flow.

The US Administration admitted early on, after 9/11, that no evidence was ever found linking Osama Bin Laden to the project. Just take a few hours out of your life, America, to do the investigation.

Regarding the present assault on Libya:
Google search  “The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields – by Bill Woollam”

Or let’s cut to the chase:
“How The World Works – Two Videos”
on the same web page as above


One Response to BILL WOOLLAM ON 9-11 AND FALSE FLAG TERRORISM: ‘US Administration admitted, months after 9/11, they had no evidence linking Bin Laden to the 9/11 project’

  1. Hi Greg, if you don’t get a chance to repost the updated version of the “Bogus Bin Laden Story on Canada’s Election Day” then I offer the blog URL here:

    New evidence shows that newspapers and the White House reported Bin Laden’s death back in December of 2001. So either the reports and the White House were lying back then ….or they are lying today. In either case the public needs to be concerned about falsified evidence and fabricated events that are used to manipulate the mindset of the North American people ….daily.

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