Why has Denise Savoie removed pictures of herself at Victoria Pride Parade 2010 from her official campaign website?

  I note for the record that New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Denise Savoie, a pro-abort feminist, ardent supporter of the redefinition of traditional marriage (supporter of ‘gay marriage’), and a regular public attendee of the annual Victoria Pride Parade, has removed photographs of herself at this event from her official election campaign website.

  Until recently, readers visisting Denise Savoie’s website could find a number of pictures of the NDP MP at the Victoria Pride Parade, in the company of other ladies, including recently elected Victoria City Councillor Marianne Alto (taken before the latter’s election in a by-election).

  In the public interest of full transparent disclosure, I took the liberty of copying some of these photos to accompany articles I wrote about Alto and Savoie, but these photos have now also disappeared from the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog.

  In their place, one now finds empty space, with a question mark in the middle.  

  I have left these empty spaces as is, to show my readers how the NDP machine actually effectively invades the CCC website to remove public interest images of Denise Savoie that they now apparently think inappropriate to display, but that first appeared at their own propaganda site.

  One wonders why the NDP candidate who was so eager to display these revealing photos before the election, has now removed them?

  Could it be that, like the strange President south of the border, the incumbent candidate for Victoria is trying to present a revised version of her suspect history of affiliations with radical Death Culture groups?


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



One Response to Why has Denise Savoie removed pictures of herself at Victoria Pride Parade 2010 from her official campaign website?

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    With regards to the stroy of Denise Savoie. I agree with your comment. I met with her at event 5 times and at a dinner with the leader of el salvadore and we talked at lenght.
    I had my picture taken with her and she had that removed as her office is being sued in the supreme court and court date is coming soon. they are trying to cover it all up and rush it before election. Mike Farnwoth , Adrian Diz , Leonard Krog and other spoke with me this summer and told me I am doing the right things and cheered me on. Leonard called after christmas same message but what have they done aobut the corruption in Denises office and Claire Trevenas office and the Norm Prince issue. They hide. ask carol pickup she is a witness

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