Radioactivity Exposure Levels Going Up Everywhere

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the foremost if not THE foremost experts in theoretical physics and he is not mincing his words.
We are NOT living in ‘business as usual’ times and this is NOT going away—at least not for a long time. And that is a best case scenario. We CAN deal with it–but it will take work and most of all–getting our priorities clear.
I attached the latest testing done by SFU, up to April 11. Although at this point the primary detected highest  levels occured in late March from the initial deliberate release, that could change at any time, and could be catastrophic in case of further EQ or tsunami activity or other major disturbance of the reactors. The likelihood of further high level earthquakes is very high. And lower level release is constant and accumulative.
Since this is an ongoing situation, will be for months or even years, and since radioactivity is cumulative the need to be aware and take steps to eliminate as much of it as possible is constant. Radiation that is ingested is much much more harmful than external and X-ray that goes through you in a millisecond, though the mainstream media likes to make those comparisons. And different types of radiocativity have different effects and take different ways of dealing with also.
That means constant detoxing, keeping up iodine levels and staying away from potential sources as named below, primarily leafy veggies, strawberries, dairy products–and anything that grazes outside at times of higher exposure. For instance in this case free range eggs and meat are worse not better for you. Neither is organic going to make much difference. BABIES AND CHILDREN ARE ESPECIALLY AT RISK 
It is absolutely imperative that the government start doing testing so we know what we are up against and what and when we need to do. Failure to do so is nothing short of CRIMINAL
Here is the advisory from CHIRAD, a French radiation monitoring institution for Europeans. Before any radiation gets to Europe it first passes over us (N.A. West Coast), goes across Canada and the US, across the Atlantic and then Europe. CHIRAD puts our risk at 8-10 times Europe



The decision to raise the alert level to 7 amounts to an 
admission that the accident is likely to have 
substantial and 
long-lasting consequences for health and for the environment



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