Canadian Greens should go back to their anti-nuclear roots: Gregory Hartnell, previously unpublished Letter to the Editor, Victoria Times Colonist

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Re: “Climate change on back burner in this election,” and “Greens focus on jobs, deficit,” April 8


  Referring to the great myth of anthropogenic ‘global warming,’ or ‘climate change,’ and to ‘a nightly poll conducted by Nanos Research,’ Rosa Harris-Adler, writing in her Life Lines opinion column, laments that ‘only six per cent of the population can get its head around the fact that we are on the precipice of very real disaster.’ 

  Meanwhile, Elizabeth May unveiled a Green Party platform Thursday full of promises ‘to create more jobs by addressing climate change,’ according to a Postmedia story by Linda Nguyen. 

  When the planet is facing its worst nuclear crisis ever, I am amazed that the Green Party is still beating the old nag of supposed ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ hysteria.

   Elizabeth May should be replaced in a leadership race immediately after the election, and the Greens should go back to their anti-nuclear roots.

   Canadians have clearly rejected the junk science of so-called ‘climate change’ and are increasingly suspicious of the shameful attempts of the nuclear lobby that tried to capitalize on those fears, posing as the supposed saviours of the people with promises of ‘clean, safe energy’ that doesn’t aggravate ‘greenhouse gas emissions.’ 

  If the Greens, of all people, don’t realize this ruse, they are doomed to be a party that doesn’t elect a single member of Parliament.


Gregory Hartnell

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