More Green Party nonsense: Disgraced Fleetwood – Port Kells candidate Alan Saldanha blames rape quote on Confucius… Tories, Libs, Bloc also have some questionable candidates… one Lib was forced to resign




 “Someone told me that Confucius says, ‘If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it,'” said Alan Saldanha, disgraced Green Party of Canada former candidate for Fleetwood – Port Kells, a Surrey constituency, in a pathetic attempt to try to rationalize his sickening comment.

  Embarassed by the outrageousnous of the gaffe, GPC Leader Elizabeth May said the comment, found on the Green Party candidate’s Facebook site, was completely unacceptable, as of course it is.

  “The Green Party of Canada is committed to creating a safe environment for all women,” said Lois Corbett, Green party National Campaign Manager.

  Mr. Saldanha is now no longer the official Green Party of Canada candidate for the Fleetwood – Port Kells constituency, but the question remains, just how does the Green Party of Canada screen its candidates before deciding that they are suitable to present to the Canadian people as candidates for the House of Commons?

  The Green Party is not the only one in the current election that has apparently rushed into the election without properly screening its candidates and the venues where the  leaders appear to promote their messages.

Grit candidate sacked for racist remarks  


  The Liberals had to fire their Metis candidate in Manicouagan, Andre Forbes, after he called Aboriginals “featherheads” and “lazy”.  

  Apparently, Mr. Forbes is ashamed of his own Aboriginal heritage, as he had founded a group for ‘white rights’.

  The Bloc Quebecois had to reprimand another racist candidate from Quebec (Yvon Levesque), the Tories have also been embarrassed by a candidate who expressed admiration for a terrorist group, and the Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff, allowed himself to be interviewed by a Sikh broadcaster that expressed pleasure at the brutal beating of Ujjal Dosanjh, former N. D. P. premier of B. C., and the violent Sikh separatists who killed Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.


Tyger! Tyger! burning bright

In the forests of the night

What immortal hand or eye

Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

– William Blake

  In the Conservative Party case, the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, tried to brush off the significance of information that the Tory candidate for Scarborough Southwest, a Tamil Canadian named Gavan (formerly Ragavan) Paranchothy, is known to support the outlawed terrorist group the Tamil Tigers.

  Stephen Harper insists the Conservatives maintain “a strong position against the Tamil Tigers” despite a party candidate’s role in hosting a televised tribute to the banned terrorist group in November.


  “Our position on the Tamil Tigers has been strong and unequivocal,” Mr. Harper told reporters Thursday in Beaupré, Que. “This is the party that listed the Tamil Tigers [as a terrorist group]; previous governments have refused to do so, and our position on that is not going to change.” 

 Lead image

 ‘Red Iggy’ (above) and Hansra (below): ‘Promoting tolerance’?

   In his own defence for going ahead with the interview on the Toronto Sikh radio show, Liberal Party of Canada Leader Michael Ignatieff  (‘Red Iggy’) said all the parties had been interviewed by the notorious Sikh broadcaster Sukhminder Hansra and he was only trying to promote ‘tolerance’, which, of course, is no kind of real excuse at all.

That must be difficult for Mr. Dosanjh to stomach. 

  In the Bloc Quebecois case, Mr. Levesque, a B.Q. francophone MP for Abitibi – Baie James – Nunavik – Eeyou, was quoted by an N. D. P. translator as saying ‘certain constituents will no longer vote for the N. D. P. since they have decided to run an Aboriginal candidate.’

  Yvon Levesque appologized for his ‘unfortunate words,’ and the Bloc’s leader, Gilles Duceppe was quoted as saying that Levesque’s words were a ‘bad analysis.’

  ‘People don’t vote for Cree because they’re Cree or francophones because they’re francophones.

  ‘Votes are individual,’ said Duceppe.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Bloc Quebecois MP Yvon Levesque apologizes to NDP for racist remark

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