While Canada bombs Libya during federal election, Globe and Mail distracts Canadians with hockey nonsense, front page, Saturday 9, 2011… Vote for Peace!


 The Toronto Globe and Mail, the warmongering ‘Liberal’ Globalist newspaper linked to the CTV network, is trying to distract Canadians from the unjust illegal war in Libya and the dangerous nuclear disaster in Japan, by placing a Vancouver Canucks logo on the front page, in the upper half.

  Emperor Nero himself could not have managed to find more complacent scribes or so-called ‘journalists’ to try to get the decadent Romans to pay attention to him, while he burned the City of Rome, and played on his lyre (or his fiddle) to distract them from his tyranny.

  When all of the so-called Canadian mainstream political parties are complacent with the tyrannical manner in which the Globalist ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister announced the new war from Paris, Canadians who love peace and good government are left in the lurch.

  Violent hockey games are used by warmongering corporatists as a kind of Canadian national narcotic, funneling all the blood lust and warlike passions of the people into ephemeral games of no ultimate import to anyone except those corporatists who own the teams and charge the ‘sheeple’ an arm and a leg to get into the arenas.

  Meanwhile, the Bishop of Tripoli asks the Canadians, French, English, etc. to stop bombing Libya, and offers of ceasefire by Gaddafi and pleas for diplomacy are ignored by Hillary, Harper, Sarkozy and Cameron.

  No Canadian political party represents the Peace Party in Canada.

  I humbly discourage my fellow Canadians to not, under any circumstances, vote for the sold-out Globalist War Party (‘Conservative’, ‘Liberal’, NDP, Bloc, ‘Green’).

Peace with the Almighty Merciful GOD 
Peace with all our brothers and sisters on the planet
Peace with The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Messiah
Peace with Jesus CHRIST, her Beloved Son
Peace with Archangel Michael and all the Holy Angels,
Peace with Buddha, 
Peace with all the Prophets, the holy mystics, martyrs and saints,
Peace with Gandhi,
Peace with Mother Teresa,
Peace with Moses,
Peace with THE FATHER,
Peace with THE HOLY SPIRIT,  
Peace in Libya,
Peace in Afghanistan,
Peace in Iraq,
Peace in Iran,
Peace in Jordan,
Peace in Syria,
Peace in Egypt,
Peace in Tunisie,
Peace in Pakistan,
Peace in Lebanon,
Peace in Israel,
Peace in Palestine,
Peace in U.S.A.,
Peace in Canada,
Peace in Mexico,
Peace in Colombia,
Peace in Chile,
Peace in Venezuela,
Peace in Cuba, etc.

Peace with Justice
Let’s pray for Peace on Earth…
Our Father,
Forgive us our sins
of  threats, violence and war,
as we forgive those
who threaten violence against us.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell




6 Responses to While Canada bombs Libya during federal election, Globe and Mail distracts Canadians with hockey nonsense, front page, Saturday 9, 2011… Vote for Peace!

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Fearing that their phoney tv debate will not be noticed on a hockey night, the leaders want the debate date changed:


  2. Diane Dillon says:

    I totally agree with this article. Cnadain media is compacent and uses cheap distractions to avoid or cover up real issues. We need whistlblowers and also investigative reporters. we need the media to have heart guts and teeth and bite right into the truth and tell it.
    its a form of senorship and control keeping people in a certain mind set.
    we can not have peace killing others and destroying thier homes and future and freedom

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    The French language debate has, in fact, been rescheduled so the hockey fanatics in Quebec can have their pathetic night of escapism.

    Apparently, these supposedly sophisticated Quebecois are more interested in seeing fights, concussions, all manner of violence etc. on the ice, rather than to have to confront the reality of shameful Canadian aggression in Libya.

    Not that any of the sold-out NWO Canadian political leaders would be likely to even mention the damn war on Libya in the phoney TV debate.

    They won’t likely talk about the future of nuclear energy in Canada, either.

    The Bloc Quebecois separatists have actually called for the French language debate rescheduling, effectively admitting that their Bloc campaign is so intrinsically boring that hockey trumps Quebecois public interest in it.

    Thanks for your comments, Diane.

    Gregory Hartnell

  4. Diane Dillon says:

    I recieved several phone calls from memeberrs of NDP such as Claire Trevena who invites us to join her support for Horgan, then from Maurine Karagianis same message. then I get call to support Farnworth from Rob flemming and also others such as Leonard krog. They should at least agree on something. I find it ironic that Claire called me 2 times 3 weeks ago to tlak to me about issues for half an hour then another time for almost an hour. she siad she would call back , not yet and its about the code of conduct of her staff at her Port hardy office, who violently threatened me over the phone when I was told to call there for information. I have not called back since and she was supposed to deal with it , so I now have called the ethics and conflict in victoria. I will be making a formal complaint and this is not the only office that has this problem. same with Denise savoie and her 2 staff offenders. that one is going to the suprem court in victoria, they are trying to cover it up

  5. goyodelarosa says:

    I have found that if one gets a reputation for being a bit of ‘trouble-maker’, politicians, their constituency staff and their minions in the civil service, all block access to them.

    It is almost completely futile to hope to have any kind of civil conversation with them, as the staff typically tries to cocoon the politician behind a wall of secrecy.

    It is to the mutual benefit of the politicians, their staff and the unionized civil service to provide as little actual service to the public as possible.

    This is not cynicism… it is my lived experience dealing with all manner of government offices over many years of citizen activism.

    It really is ‘us’ versus ‘them.’


    • Diane Dillon says:

      Hi Gregory, How accurate you put this. so what is the answer. Denise Savoie has 2 staff that have fit this to a T. Dona forbes comes accross as a bouncer in a seedy bar very large woman and borke the law and lied to Denise , pejured herselfand then got a co-worker a volunteeer to do the same. the case goes to supreme court in victoria. I am a mother, grandmother and victim of Denise office. I was taken to that office after and 11 hour shift and a victim of crime and witness to crime by carol pickup a seniors advocate to have to phone calls made and get information. The phone calls were to Lieutenant chambers and don Macfadgen who were both monitoring the case. Lt. chambers is my sister ans was concerned about my safety. Well donna called the police and had them remove me from an empty office lied to get them there etc. contact me for details

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