All five accused 9/11 plotters, now held in Guantanamo, were arrested in Pakistan: Lucile Malandain, Agence France Presse

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  All five of the accused 9/11 plotters now being held in Guantanamo, including so-called ‘9/11 mastermind’ Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), were arrested in Pakistan, according to an Agence France Presse report by Lucile Malandain.

  The Obushaman Globalist government announced a synopsis of the supposed ‘evidence’ against them on Friday, but the story has been effectively buried under other apparently more distracting sideshow news on the close call of the government shutdown.

  Mr. Mohammed is thought by many observers to have been ‘waterboarded’ more than 180 times to extract whatever he would say, to enable the Gringos to concoct a fabulous story of KSM conferring with Osama Bin Laden, plotters applying for visas to the United States, transfering funds, flying all over the planet, somehow managing to carry knives on planes (like the dead highjackers), and finally being found hiding in various locales in Pakistan.

  I am obviously condensing the essence of this story, of course, but it does seem like a new government-sponsored conspiracy theory that will be difficult to mesh with the existing ‘official’ story of 19 highjackers who killed themselves on four planes on the fateful day.

  The government has to somehow prove that all five suspects, very likely tortured in the long time they have been incarcerated at Guantanamo, had direct contact with all of the 19 individuals who are now quite dead.

  The Obushaman government clearly knows it has a huge credibility problem, and this is very likely why it has allowed itself to cave in to Republican pressures to have the kanagaroo court proceedings continue in secret in Guantanamo, far from the prying eyes of reporters such as Lucile Malandain.

  Obushama will likely dismiss this setback as a prudent security measure which he now considers to be in the people’s interest, disregarding his campaign promise to close the Gringo prison, strangely situated on the island of Cuba.

  None of the ‘evidence’  being revealed in this Malandain report would likely stand up for more than a day in a proper mainland American court without being thrown out by a discerning judge, as the evidence of torture in KSM’s case is apparently very compelling.

  The likelihood that his four co-accused have not been similarly tortured for their suspect testimony is very slim.

[For a link to the AFP story by Lucile Malandin, please refer to the comments below.]


Gregory Hartnell

Concerned Citizen



7 Responses to All five accused 9/11 plotters, now held in Guantanamo, were arrested in Pakistan: Lucile Malandain, Agence France Presse

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    With regards to the 911 artivle , I would like an actual account and story to respond to.

    there were many palyers in the 911 issue and also many victims. I was born in New York and lived there until age 12. I have gone back to visit family but now there is really no one to visit. My Aunt a famous Ballet instructor and author, my uncle a New York detective.

    Please expand on this story

  2. goyodelarosa says:



  3. Diane Dillon says:


    I recognize some of the names in the article. I had ben doing research and the men I was researching are connect to men with these names. Also they are from pakistan and connected to the Shaw Aga Khan. The men I researched are his elite in the group. Also for waht purpose would they need an Astrophysicist. Please send me answers to this. I have the names written down and will look them up

  4. goyodelarosa says:


  5. goyodelarosa says:

    Dear Diane:

    Thanks for your interest.

    The names of the four accused 9/11 plotters, besides Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), are: Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali (Pakistani nephew of KSM), Ramzi Binalshibh of Yemen, Wallid bin Attash of Saudi Arabia and Mustapha al-Hawsawi (‘chief accountant’ working out of the United Arab Emirates).

    There is no mention of links between these men and the Shah Aga Khan.


    Gregory Hartnell

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