Gregory Hartnell on NWO War Party monopolisation of 2011 Canadian election: ‘I will spoil my ballot in protest against this travesty of democracy, and I encourage others to do the same.’


Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama shake hands at a joint news conference in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building after their meeting at the White House Friday.  

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Letters to the Editor
Times Colonist
Re: “Take control of this election,” and “NATO mission in Libya led by Canadian,” March 26
  The three Opposition parties have found the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament, but they are not without blame.  
  As a paleoconservative voter, I will not be able to vote for any candidate representing these parties as they are all shockingly complacent on the matter of the new unethical, unjust, unconstitutional and wasteful Libyan war.
  The Prime Minister showed the greatest contempt not only for Parliament, but for all of the Canadian people by flying over to Paris, conferring in secret war-planning with NATO, and then unilaterally announcing that Canada was at war in a new theatre.  
  His militaristic neo con buddy Obama did the same thing, while on vacation in Brazil, showing his contempt for Congress.
  This is the most egregious example of Mr. Harper’s propensity to act like a dictator, but he only gets away with it because the Liberals, NDP and Bloc let him.
  There is no Peace Party in Canada, but the War Party at this time in our history is apparently comprised of all parties, even though this new Libyan war is one that is “yet to be fully defined,” as Defence Minister Peter MacKay acknowledged Friday.
  Can any Christian in good faith support warmongering candidates in parties that would upturn the traditional teachings of the Church in matters of war and peace?
   In this instance, I would say that Canadians are not well served when Parliamentarians all agree that offensive Bushite so-called ‘pre-emptive war’ is a good idea.
   It is not, nor will it ever be. I will spoil my ballot in protest against this travesty of democracy, and I encourage others to do the same.
Gregory Hartnell

2 Responses to Gregory Hartnell on NWO War Party monopolisation of 2011 Canadian election: ‘I will spoil my ballot in protest against this travesty of democracy, and I encourage others to do the same.’

  1. Hi Greg:

    I believe in ”choosing the better of two evils”. I will vote, but definitely not for two sides of the same ‘corporate coin’, namely Conservative and Liberal. There was a time, in the days of Lester Pearson, Robert Stanfield and Tommy Douglas when political leaders had plenty of integrity and natural goodwill. However, the corporate lobby has changed all that.

    Still, I like to remember that the present-day, corporate-friendly mainstream news rarely gives two minutes worth of time to the New Democrat Party. And why would that be? My guestimation is because the people’s party is not yet completely compromised. But then again I may be wrong on that.

    I do know that both Liberal and Conservative Governments in Canada have successfully reduced taxes to Corporations from 50% in 1960, to projected 25% by 2013. That means close to 200 billion dollars less government revenues, yearly. Ever wonder why OECD member countries are in debt?? The excuse is given as: “corporate tax rates must compete globally”.

    I wrote a blog which touches on “Corporate Welfare”….It is titled:
    “Corporate Executives Deny 57 Million Americans Healthcare”

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Sorry, Bill, but I don’t share your sympathy for the sold-out NDP.

    I am an old school treehugger from the ‘Clayoquot Mass Trials’ days, and I vividly remember that it was the NDP, under the hapless Premier Mike Harcourt, who conspired with MacMillan Bloedel Corporation to clearcut those beautiful old growth forests in the Tofino area.

    Almost 900 conservationists and environmentalists got ourselves arrested in those Clayoquot Summer days of beautiful Gandhian non-violent civil disobedience, and I was one of those who was arrested on the Kennedy Lake Road.

    We knew then, and still know, that the NDP is just as corporatist of a party as the so-called ‘Liberals’ and ‘Conservatives.’

    The NDP’s shameful support for Dictator Harper’s war on Libya is also another instance of their scandalous hypocrisy, and to suggest that one should vote for what you call the ‘better of two evils’ seems to me to be nothing more than facile relativism.

    Jack’s party is also fanatically obsessed with so-called ‘women’s reproductive rights’ which is just a euphemism for abortion on demand, and as a Creator-loving Christian, I can’t stand for that, either.

    What is more, they are, like the Greens, ‘global warming’ fanatics, and that is another reason for reasonable people to steer clear of them.

    With all due respect…


    Gregory Hartnell

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