Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com editor: United States Environment Protection Agency to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors @ Natural News


  The Health Ranger is socking it to the Environment Protection Agency, the nuclear power industry, the Japanese Government, General Electric, TEPCO, the United States Government, the Canadian Government, etc. over the ongoing radiation pollution pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

  Mike Adams, the NaturalNews.com Editor, paints a horrific picture of the North Pacific Ocean contaminated for decades by radiation in the waters from the Fukushima reactors.

  This is a great crime against humanity and those responsible should be charged in Japan, Canada, the United States, wherever the dangerous nuclear energy conspirators are found, and I appreciate these well-argued arguments against the dangerous nuclear power industry, finally, after enduring years of propaganda from the industry telling us it is somehow safe and clean for the environment.

  The world is slowly awakening to the Faustian demonic nature of nuclear power and nuclear armaments, both of which are, quintessentially, closed cryptic types of technology, the intricacies of which are only ultimately understood by the tiny technocratic scientific elite of the Globalists’ notorious Military Industrial Complex, and misuunderstood by the vast majority of the people on the planet… to our own peril.

  Death Culture Globalists use this mass planetary nuclear ignorance, amnesia and irresponsibility to their own material advantage, in selling the myth of ‘global warming’ as somehow more pressing, dangerous and urgent of an environmental problem than the nuclear nightmare in Japan.

  But Fukushima is the final and conclusive evidence of the intrinsic evil nature of nuclear power itself, and political parties who do not recognize this fact of the 21st century Zeitgeist, especially those who blather on ad nauseum about ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change,’ are very likely to become the footnotes of history.

  In the meantime, disappointingly, Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May is still doing just that, daily blathering on about so-called ‘climate change, and ‘anthropogenic global warming’, while only a diminishing number  of Canadians think that bogus junk science has any relevance at all, as evidenced by the low priority made by it even by the Liberals, Bloc and NDP.

  All of these materialistic Canadian political parties can be said to be part of the Globalist Death Culture, in that they evade or remain silent on the ethics of many core human life, social and conservation issues, such as abortion, Afghan and Libyan wars, nuclear energy, nuclear armaments, uranium mining, clearcut logging, child and elder abuse, assisted suicide and euthanasia, microwave tower radiation danger, cellphone dangers, chemtrails, elder homecare, childcare, etc.

  Canadian authorities are alarmingly also saying they are shutting down radiation detectors, while evidence suggests the Japanese disaster is worse and more dangerous than ever.

  Is it time to stop buying our Pacific wild salmon fillets, caught off our North Pacifican (Alaskan, British Columbian, Washingtonian, Oregonian, Californian) coasts?

  In Victoria, these frozen fish fillets are marketed by such outfits as Save on Foods, where a careful examination of the packaging shows that these frozen ‘Pacific wild salmon fillets’ are actually labeled products of China and Russia!

  It seems ludicrous to me to live on this Pacifican island, and not be able to even find, safe, frozen, Canadian-caught, boneless, skinless, wild Pacific salmon fillets.

  When our North Pacific Canadian and American salmon fisheries are being polluted by as-yet unmonitored dangerous Japanese radiation, and our government shuts down radiation detectors, something really smells fishy here…

  We don’t want to buy so-called farmed Atlantic salmon, either, so perhaps it is time to go vegan for a long while… a very long while?


[For a link to the Natural News article by Mike Admas, the Editor who calls himself The Health Ranger, on Japanese radiation in the Pacific, the new so-called ‘safe radiation exposure limits’ set by the EPA, etc., please refer to the comments.]


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned  Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island

British Columbia




Pray to Our Lady of Good Health


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