Chantal Hebert agrees with Consortium: Elizabeth May should not be allowed back in TV ‘debate’










Chantal Hebert doesn’t think Elizabeth May should be allowed back into the boys’ shouting match that passes for adult televised political debate in this benighted country.

  I agree with her now (as I did not before, until I saw Elizabeth’s outrageous performance last time), that she should not be allowed back.

  In fact, as a former member of the Green Party, I would go further and say that the present impasse provides a glimpse into the true psyche of the monomaniacal Green Party of Canada’s Leader.

  Instead of condemning the unjust Globalist war on Libya, and calling for Canadian troops to be brought home immediately from Afghanistan and Libya, instead of calling for immediate nuclear disarmament and a practical plan to phase out nuclear power in every breath she takes, she still talks about the dead issue of so-called ‘climate change’ as her first priority.

This probably explains why in a recent Ipsos Reid poll, only 5% of Canadians identified the environment as an important issue.  It is because of the obsession of the climate change cultists that most people in Canada now mistakenly associate that theory with the losing electoral message of the Greens and mistake it for a real pressing environmental concern… which most common sense people now realize that it is not.

  Elizabeth May’s egotistical and selfish obsession to get herself elected in Saanich Gulf Islands is also a non-unifying strategic disaster for the whole Green Party of Canada.

The Green Party Leader, whose office is still a disaster area, should abandon it and get on a train or get moving out of Saanich on a bus tout de suite.

 ‘Liz, drop the futile, costly and ridiculous lawsuit against the consortium, strengthen and encourage the demoralized Canadian Greens to get back to their anti-nuclear pacifist treehugger roots, let’s save the ancient old growth just for its own sake, stop nuclear ship visits, ban uranium mining and rail transport through B. C....’

That will inspire her core base people, and would show others that she is way above and beyond relying on the old technology of tv, as she could blog about her new discoveries in a kind of Jack Kerouac on – the – road  stream – of – consciousness thing, or a Hunter S. Thompson-like gonzo journalistic zen political memoir on the train….


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

[Former member, Green Party of Canada]

[For a link to Chantal Hebert’s column, check out the comments section.]


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