Why is Globalist ‘Liberal’ Christopher Causton meeting with Victoria International Rotarians in secret during federal election campaign?

Rotary Club of Oak Bay Victoria British Columbia Canada Rotary District 5020

Christopher Causton is the part-time Mayor of Oak Bay who would be the Globalist ‘Liberal’ Party of Canada’s humanitarian interventionist imperialist representative in Victoria.

I would love to see him on stage at an all candidates’ meeting in Victoria soon, seeing him squirm as he tries to defend his decadent party’s shameful support for the unjust war in Libya, started unilaterally by Fascist Dictator Stephen Harper, and supported by Michael Ignatieff and all of the warmongering sold-out so-called ‘Liberals’.

There is no information on all candidates’ or so-called ‘town hall’ meetings at Christopher Causton’s website.

When I phoned his campaign office to get information on his scheduled public appearances, no-one answered.

Later in the day, I got a strange message from a woman in his office, humming and hawing, and eventually admitting that ‘if you are a Rotarian, I can give you information on a Rotary meeting where Christopher will be speaking…’

Christopher Causton is going to speak privately to a secretive Victoria Rotary International group linked to the notorious Globalist euthanasia and population-control-advocates, Bill and Melinda Gates, WHO and UNICEF?

This seemed fishy, so I went to the Rotary International wikipedia entry and found to my horror some of the true history of racism and sexism of this strange Globalist group.

Christopher Causton should realize that many people are becoming hip to the true agenda of the Globalist Gates Foundation and the internationalist Rotarians in their obsession to control populations, starting with seemingly benign polio eradication vaccination programmes.

It is a real disgrace that Mr. Causton would train his staff to withhold information to the voting public about his campaign’s schedule, while selectively dishing it out to Rotarians or other insiders in the Globalist ‘Liberal’ pro-abort pro-war pro-population control Death Cult.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizen

Victoria Voter


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