Militarist Tory Patrick Hunt tries to make a virtue of his selfish political ambition: spins plan to miss his daughter’s wedding

A real conservative would put family before politics

Election Won’t Interrupt Wedding Plans

YouTube video

Wedding plans were set before the writ was dropped, but Patrick remains committed to the Victoria electorate. See the A Channel story….


  Patrick Hunt won’t be attending his own daughter’s wedding, as the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada’s candidate in Victoria is too busy chasing the elusive chimera of beating incumbent Denise Savoie.

   As an ex-military man, Mr. Hunt is probably used to spending extended periods of time away from his own family, supposedly in ‘service’ to Canada.

  He studied at both the Royal Military College in Kingston and Royal Roads Military College outside of Victoria.

  At his website, he provides a sketchy history of his eight years in naval ‘service’, some of which was actually spent working on what he calls ‘an exchange tour of duty’ with the Royal Navy Submarine Service in Hampstead England, for an unstated length of time .  He says that he was a Canadian naval officer, but does not say which rank:

My Background

During my eight years in the Navy, I received a BA in Economics and Political Science from Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, which included two years in Victoria at Royal Roads Military College.  I did an exchange tour of duty in the Royal Navy Submarine Service in Hampshire, England, as well as serving as an officer aboard Canadian ships and submarines.

As a Conservative MLA in Nova Scotia from 1978-81, I was the youngest member of that government having been elected at the age of 29.  I was Chairman of two Committees of the Legislature; Lands & Forests, and Tourism.

I have lived in Victoria since 1983, working in the high technology industry.  I have held executive management and leadership positions where I developed and led teams to solve business problems.  I have also run my own consulting companies serving private sector and government clients.  I have done what it takes to meet a payroll.  I know firsthand that Victoria has a vibrant high tech industry that can blossom into a world-class centre, with a little help from my friends.

The Reform Party of Canada nominated me to be their candidate for Victoria in 1993.  As Stephen Harper’s Campaign Co-Chair for Vancouver Island when he ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, I was convinced then, and continue to believe, that he and our party have the vision and ability to solve Canada’s many economic, environmental and social challenges.

 Now he is trying to make a virtue of his own unrealistic political ambitions by suggesting at his website that he is doing a good thing by not showing up to his own daughter’s long-planned wedding.


  This is a transparently selfish posture, clothed in the spin of his handlers, designed to make impressionable people think that he is prepared to make great sacrifices for Victorians, etc.

  If Mr. Hunt was a real conservative person as his party affiliation to the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada might suggest, he would drop his fanatical obsession for personal advancement and do the proper thing, which would be to show his fatherly love for his daughter, not disappoint her on her special day, and show up, like a good decent father, to her wedding.

  [For a link to Patrick Hunt’s official campaign website, with an A Channel video link, please refer to the comments, as ususal.]


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition








4 Responses to Militarist Tory Patrick Hunt tries to make a virtue of his selfish political ambition: spins plan to miss his daughter’s wedding

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    A Point that needs to be considered , he will be the kind of polcticain as is a father. If he will abandon his own daughter to further advacne his won selfish desrire he will do the same in any situation. His daughter is irreplaceable and her days of specail occasion are one time events and are uneke and he cannot be replace at those times but in politics anyone can find someone to stand in when the need arises. Was he there for her birth if the unthinkable were to happen will he be there or when she has a child who wil his loyalty be to and who will he abandon. A father is for life

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Elections come and go, as do the would-be politicians, but apparently, nothing will stop these militarists in the warmongering ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada from their obsession to control, eh Diane?

    One’s own daughter’s first wedding only comes once in her life (and hopefully will be the only one), while these nauseating election campaigns come and go, and it is a shame that he doesn’t act like a real conservative, and be with his family on this momentous occasion.

    I feel very sorry for his daughter, and question his credentials as a true conservative, as conservatives generally put family right after the Creator, and before the glories of the world.

    Patrick Hunt’s topsy-turvy value system is exposed by his prioritizing his own vainglorious agenda, while surely disappointing his own daughter.

    I wonder if that was something that he learned to do while at the two Canadian Military Colleges he studied at, or later, while ‘on duty’ in the English Navy?

    Gregory Hartnell
    Concerned Citizen
    Victoria voter

  3. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi Gregory, if we are to support and create a true value system also reflecting family values,

    these are more than absent in the decision of Patrick Hunt. I have met parents who have lost thier children in crimes and they would give anything to have them alive and in their lives. What kind of message is this to anyone, what kind of role model will Patrick Hunt be ?

    I am friends with suam virk mother of Rena Virk, I have laso spoken with Nanacy Dawson the mother of anthany Dawson and now Jeff Buzaik father of the murdered real estate agent his daughter. I have also been speaking with a witness in another case (Kimberley Proctor)
    and people are trying to make contact with her parents, they feel the parents can sue the RCMP for bothcing the investigation of thier daughter. If anyone can get their contact info to me please do. The RCMP blocked and did not follow up on reliable information that may have spared the toture and death of kimberly

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