Red Russian Michael Ignatieff lauds totalitarian Communist China as model for Liberal education plan

Michael Ignatieff meets with a Chinese student after address a crowd Monday at Tsinghua University in Beijing.



Liberal Party of Canada Leader Michael Ignatieff likes to paint himself as somehow a typical Canadian, but the exotic egghead American-Canadian professor, who has White Russian ancestry, is really more of a fellow traveller of the totalitarian Left, as he is an unabashed admirer of Communist China.

In his announcement of a proposed new Liberal Party of Canada billion dollar education plan for Canada yesterday, broadcast on CPAC, the Red Canadian Liberal Leader mentioned a recent trip he took to China, praising that country’s supposedly advanced education system and booming economy.

He said that in order to compete with countries like China and India in the globalized market, Canada needs to redevelop its post-secondary education system on the Communist Chinese model.

This is a perfectly transparent instance of Mr. Ignatieff’s creepy and questionable Globalist sympathies for communist ‘command and control’ tyranny if ever there was one.

Canadian lovers of liberty should really question which aspects of the Communist Chinese education system that Mr. Ignatieff was referring to, as he should not be allowed to make such suspect statements unchallenged.

Tens of thousands of completely brainwashed Chinese students have recently been allowed to study at Canadian universities in recent years, and many of these students, whose education is subsidized by the Communist Party of China, are known to publicly show their support for the tyrannical regime when tyrants like Hu Jintao visit this country.

They are bussed to photo ops to give the false impression that Communist leaders from China are welcomed enthusiastically by the Canadian people.

They shout slogans of support for the Communist tyrants, and of abuse for the persecuted Tibetans, Falun Gong, Chinese Christians and other human rights activists who protest against the horrors of the evil regime.

These students are also known to harbour industrial espionage cells, as mentioned recently by a high-ranking CSIS spokesman.

We already have a huge problem with such Communist Party of China student spies in our universities and it would be a huge mistake to model our ailing Canadian post-education system on a country with the worst human rights record in the world.

[A link to the CPAC and other relevant websites will be found in the comments below.]


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition





7 Responses to Red Russian Michael Ignatieff lauds totalitarian Communist China as model for Liberal education plan

  1. goyodelarosa says:


  2. goyodelarosa says:


  3. goyodelarosa says:


  4. albe says:

    An investment in huge public sector compliance service — perhaps to award jobs, posts, to compensate the next election workers?
    Well the idea of a higher education system allowing leaps of progress ,has been around a lomg time. Eg. the moors and the education system at Damascus around 600 C.E., also the German investment at universities in the last three centuries, like wow. So I’m sorry this is a tried and true concept.
    Distaste with any dealings with the china govt. of the day , will we discover millions of bodies .as with the Stalin regime after a while, the teniman Square protest and nuders og the citizens has the iceberg feel about it. Commerce is separate Canada says,hmmmm. I don’t think so.
    Our trade is tacit approval, enabling China to appear civil. China is not an example to emulate.

  5. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I would like to make a point on this topic that may not have been considered. As a matter of democracy and freedom. Why would we or anyone have to copy cat others on these issues.
    do canadain lack imagination, intelligence, cretive thinking. we can be role models that others may learn from and use our ideas to solve issues and eal with all matters effectively, why would we hand it over to others ideas and thinking. I believe we and many others in other countries should be able to come together honestly and make these ideas a reality.
    We are not aobut cookie cutter ideas and everyone has something to offer , rather than be follower lets be leaders. I tried to find your number in phone book call me if you have time

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