New information on Lindsay Buziak murder, as of March 28, 2011:… PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: photo of J. Zailo pointing knife at Lindsay Buziak’s stomach

Lindsay Buziak between Jason Zailo and Greg Martel

The late Lindsay Buziak is seen in the centre of this photo found at .

In this strange photograph, Jason Zailo (on the left), her last boyfriend who found her dead body,

is pointing a knife straight at Lindsay’s stomach.

A new website delves deep into the still unsolved Lindsay Buziak murder. suggests that the lie detector tests used to interrogate the Zailo family are scientifically unreliable.

They agree with the deceased realtor’s father Jeff Buziak that the Saanich Police have botched the investigation into the brutal murder, and call on the government to order another police agency to be brought in to properly finish the investigation, and to press charges.

I support the efforts of Jeff Buziak, and to solve the tragic Lindsay Buziak murder.

I have no confidence that the Saanich Police intend to ever solve this crime.

My suspicion is that Masonic elements in the Saanich Police department are covering up for fellow Mason Jason Zailo who would appear to be a not-too-secret adherent of that strange and secretive cult.

I reserve my Charter-protected rights of free speech to advance these theories, and regret that I cannot provide any concrete proof to substantiate them.

However, I truly believe that the above photo is yet another instance of the type of Masonic symbolism that Jason Zailo is fond of wearing: note the Masonic compass and square insignia on the left hand side of his black t-shirt.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


Peace of Christ

7 Responses to New information on Lindsay Buziak murder, as of March 28, 2011:… PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: photo of J. Zailo pointing knife at Lindsay Buziak’s stomach

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi gregory thank you for this opportunity to comment on the Buzaik case and the police situtation. would someon eplease send me Jeff Buziaks contact information and feel free to give him mine. I have some information as I understand he would be more than happy to get on the police. I also want to support his story and his rquest to write the solicitor general of BC with his advisment. I know that the police recently blew several investigations regarding children , seniors and disabled. The offenders had 4 lenghty police files on them since May 2010 , no charges laid due to the fact the brother is a victoria police officer.
    there were certain deaths that could have been avoided in another case as well.

    Diane 250-902-0735

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Hi Diane:

    I think there is a link here to Jeff Buziak’s Facebook account:

  3. randall hoffman says:

    I have been following this case for a while it is very disturbing that justice hasn’t been found for Lindsay , but never fear justice shall prevail please take a look at this memorial video posted for Lindsay , rest in peace little dove

  4. valleypress says:

    Its either the Saanich police turned a blind eye from Jason Zailo or they are really dumb. I hate to say that but seriously, come on. I’m not a trained FBI agent nor even the experience of a small town detective, but to clearly Jason Zailo should be fooling no one. If you focus on Jason throughout Dateline’s program that aired about this murder, you will pick up on something he says/does every time the cameras are on him. This guy is CLEARLY behind this murder.

  5. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi Folks, Jeff Buziak called me 5 months ago or so. we also emailed severla times. I gave him supoort for what he wants to do but also gave him information he seemed enthusiastic on . I mentiond another crime scene in the Westshore area and that the man and woman who are involved are referred to as thugs etc and there were drugs and a shiv involved there and that this man has a son who works for real estate in Victoria turns out it is same one Jeff buziaks daughter worked for, so the son of a potential Bonnie and clyde is connected to possible Jeffs Daughter some how. The guys name is chad Loster big guy and the dad wants to get chad into police school and on the force he will be dirty going in to the force just what they like. His Dad is a real estate attorney bad reputation out in the hatley shopping center area , name is Gerald Loster , his wife pat Harriet Kelly guilty of 10 counts under the criminal code , case goes to court but they will avoid charges etc. Kelly was manager of the seniors lodge and they came forward in carloads to Maurine kargagianis office to state the offences going on at the Westshore lodge and one of those was the fact Pat was taking money out of thier Bank accts , that was just one item fraud and human trafficking and rugs being sold out of the basement by staff. Carol pickup the seniors advocate took carloads into Maurines office and also other sdid as well. The lucky ones got out but there were a lot of deaths and an attempted suicide at the lodge all covered up and Pat golfs with the RCMP. want details and evidence contact me

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