DOES DENISE SAVOIE SUPPORT HARPER’S WAR ON LIBYA? Victoria New Democratic Party Member of Parliament’s complicit silence is main election issue

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Does Victoria’s Member of Parliament, Denise Savoie of the New Democratic Party, support Stephen Harper’s autocratic, illegal, unethical, unparliamentary and wasteful Canadian Forces offensive air assault on Libya?

It sure looks that way, because if she had bothered to speak out against this outrage, surely we would all know about it by now.

The silence of the New Democratic Party and particularly the silence of Denise Savoie on this deadly mistake is deafening and shameful.

I provide the link to Denise Savoie’s website in the public interest, in the comments section, as is my usual procedure, but can’t find any indication she is opposed to the war there.

If anyone can find a video, public statement, letter or anything at all that indicates that Denise Savoie will not support this war, and is speaking out against it now, I would appreciate your bringing it to the immediate attention of all of our Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog readers.

In the meantime, directly in conversation, on the phone, by email, by fax, and in every possible manner of polite communication, we must ask Denise Savoie:

Do you, or do you not support Stephen Harper’s war on Libya?




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12 Responses to DOES DENISE SAVOIE SUPPORT HARPER’S WAR ON LIBYA? Victoria New Democratic Party Member of Parliament’s complicit silence is main election issue

  1. goyodelarosa says:


  2. Diane Dillon says:

    Hello Gregory,

    well I heartley agree with your comment. I read the text by Denise and the shcok value alone left me almost speehless. The endless dribble and constant marketing of false value systems when there is nothing to reflect. Denise state we are to reflect a vlaue system, yet her herself and her office have failed at this repeatedly. My thoughts are what we do not condem we condone. Another case of fence straddling. Denise cannont help the world or save anything since she cannot effectively run her own office on blanshard st. And if she condones crime or offenses and abuse of power or position there by her own complacensy how can she do this elsehwere. I suggesst a major boycoot of Denise Savoie and her office until she cleans up her own messes which brought harm to her supporters and made victims of them. Offenses against seniors and disabled . what a value systen she has

  3. Diane Dillon says:

    Hi Gregory forgive type errors above I have a flu and sneeze while typeing. I would ove your fax number to fax information to you Diane mine is 250-902-0833

  4. albe says:

    Ms.Savoie as a politician must read the tea leaves so to speak, is she adjusting to go with the flow? Seems so, if this is the case I won’t vote for a quixotic stance , I was under the impression the NDP party federally wants to opt out of Nato and the UN. guess I’m mistaken,sorry my vote for a candidate is getting slimmer. Yes building prisons and war creates jobs here, in Canada, but it seems to open to bid corruption and indifference to the suffering in say Libya.
    Off topic it seems? Please give democracy a chance , this why it needs a new look at this representative system presently. Why not have local Town Hall meetings and let those who choose to participate ,even by , horrors, social media/internet. People who can’t make the time for this well I’m sorry ,it seems you get Denise.

    • B says:

      I was in Benghazi when it all happened and I can say that you guys, while well meaning are completely ignorant of what is going on. Canada was part of a team of countries that stepped in to prevent the next “Rwanda”. Unless you are “for genicide”, I suggest you rethink your position. We didn’t invade Libya, we stopped a mad man from killing his own people, using a foreign army and weapons bought with their own public money.

  5. Diane Dillon says:

    Hello Albe,

    I agree with the above statement. it would appear that the would be leaders are following the flow to get in a financial postion with a good pension and proper title. It all looks good for appearances. Denise has a staff member that comes accross more like a bouncer in a seedy bar and she has not dealt with the unlawful act and abuse that person has done or the perjury in statements. if she will have someone who lies and is dishonest in her own office how accountable is she. My family and grandchildren will not go there anymore.
    My grandaughter was 2 when she went there and was told it was a safe place to go and then the incident with Donna forbes. the case goes to court and they are trying to rush it before the election to cover it all up. Maybe people should phone and write about how contemptable this all is. I meant to state a boycott is in order above but made a spelling mistake. I would like to know who we can vote for instead of Denise if anyone at all

  6. Dominique says:

    I think the saying goes, ‘pick your battles’. Or God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    I say Denise Savoie used wisdom on this one.

    • Diane Dillon says:

      I would like an example of wisdom you express above. where was there any corage or any truth is any matter especailly that of ethics.With out ethics there is no real wisdom and acts of cowardace are not a refection of wisdom to hide from dealing with issues unnaccpetable. sometimes the battles pick us and it is wise to show up rather than runand hide from responsiblity and accountability

  7. goyodelarosa says:

    I believe that Albe is right in saying that the NDP has a longstanding policy to remove Canada from NATO, and that would be a good thing, as NATO is accountable only to the armament manufacturers and other corporatists in the Military Industrial Complex.

    The federal NDP should also advocate for Canada to remove itself from the totally corrupted United Nations, but I don’t think they do that now.

    Only ten countries of the fifteen countries on the UN Security Council sanctioned the unjust war on Libya. Significantly, Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India abstained.

    Portugal and Gabon were quick to endorse the damned war, but I don’t think they volunteered any of their own people for NATO cannon fodder.

    We are being dictated to by the likes of Portugal and Gabon, in other words, while the Dictator sneaks out the back door of the PMO to head to the Ottawa airport, straight over to a Paris salon, to hide in secret with Hillary, the generals, and CEOS of War, Inc.

    However, the fact is, not one of these cowardly socialists has had the guts to speak out against NATO’s bombings in Tripoli, Benghazi, Darna and elsewhere in Libya.

    Denise Savoie did vote with the rest on March 10 to denounce the Tories, but not for their intention to invade a country that did not aggress against us, bur rather for a slew of other less important though obnoxious infractions against the Parliament by the fascistic Tories.

    Senior NDP MP Joe Comartin, a Roman Catholic, was a no-show, so perhaps that is the best he could do to salve his troubled conscience.

    Those valiant warmongerers Stephen Harper and Peter McKay also didn’t bother to defend their own beleaguered government, not voting on March 10 in the House of Commons, thus indicating that they really wanted the government to fail.

    This unjust illegal war is a construct of the fevered war mania of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and the supposedly Roman Catholic egghead Samantha Power (the ‘Warrior Queen,’ as Margaret Wente calls her).

    These ‘liberal’ so-called ‘humanitarian interventionists’ are a disgrace and an embarrassment to the huge pacifist wing of the Democratic Party, and the sold-out socialists in the NDP under the dictatorial Jack Layton are also in thrall to these witchy warmongerers.

    It leaves peace-loving Canadians no choice except to vote with our consciences for Jesus, Peace, Gandhi, Spirit, Mother Earth, etc.

    At least the Americans in the Peace Party can vote for Rand and Ron Paul, Dennis Kuchinic and a handful of other valiant defenders of the people’s public interest in peace.

    That group could end up being led by none other that the Donald, as he has deplored these wasteful wars, admires Ron Paul (but thinks he is too old, I suspect), and questions whether Obama is even an American-born citizen.

    Trump may yet play the trump card for peace, which would be ironic, because nobody has yet taken this successful businessman seriously… yet.

    There is no Peace Party in Canada, folks, and we all ought to be ashamed of this deplorable historical fact.

    There are four parties in the War Party in Canada and they are all contemptuous of our so-called democratic options: Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois.

    Dominique: the Serenity Prayer that you quote is of course associated with the beautiful twelve step fellowships, as you surely know.

    It works great for individuals working a private programme of recovery for addictions.

    The Serenity Prayer could also work for the sick war addicts of the NDP if they would only realize that they too are now deeply addicted to war, just like all the rest of the nasty mainstream parties that are propping up the fascist dictator Harper.

    Hope our former Victoria City Councillor Denise Savoie, who now has a heartbreaking video on her website lauding our veterans, eventually gets the Light.

    Pray for Peace, my friends…

    Pax Christi


  8. goyodelarosa says:

    On the last day in the House of Commons that really had any meaning to it, Vote #202 was a motion to denounce the Conservative Party of Canada government, not for invading Libya, but for other lesser infractions against the Parliament.

    There was never a vote by the Parliament of Canada authorizing war on Libya.

    Denise Savoie’s complicit silence is scandalous and is not ‘golden.’

  9. Diane Dillon says:

    In reference to the above statment. the points are about less improtant issues which makes Denise seem weak and dealing with petty matters while large matters went ignored or unaddressed altogether. I agree with the above statment. It takes strenth and courage to make decsions and stand by them and this is lacking in Denise savoie. Another point is removing someone from a corrupt organization, well if the person is themself corrupt what then. Aslo what aobut corruption here in these offices etc , how will that be addressed?
    I have reviewed the Code of conduct and this has been violated many times over yet has anyone been held accountable. We live by example

  10. Diane Dillon says:

    it Appears that no one is impressed with Denise Savoie. If anyone can today or for the last 10 year bring the name of any leader that made you want to stand up and cheer and was so inspiring that you could never forget them I would love to know that person or at least their name, anyone who was even above reproach Diane

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