FASCIST DICTATOR HARPER says we are at war, but don’t tell disgraceful Canadian Parliamentarians: no mention of Libyan war in CPAC’s Question Period hour




CPAC‘s Question Period is an hour long television show which is broadcast daily when the Canadian Parliament is in session in Ottawa Ontario.

Yesterday, expecting that the televised antics of the Parliamentarians would be a bit more interesting than usual, I turned on the boob tube and paid close attention to the show for its full hour.

Unless I missed something, which I seriously doubt, not a single member of the House of Commons from any party mentioned the unsavoury fact that the Prime Minister somehow unilaterally committed our military Canadian Forces to the Libyan misadventure… from Paris France.

Not a single Canadian Member of Parliament realizes that this man has abrogated to himself extraordinary unparliamentary war powers usually associated with those exercised by dictators in totalitarian regimes.

The puffed-up posturing, yelling, interruptions, insults and other obnoxious behaviour of these Canadian M.P.s makes the English House of Parliament in London look like a very civilized endeavour indeed, compared to the antics of the boorish buffoons we see passing for parliamentarians in this benighted country.

But quite apart from this problem which has been noticed by pundits for years, and which apparently even bothers some of them, like Denise Savoie of Victoria, the sad fact remains that no one, not one human person, mentioned that obnoxious new war in their staged speeches for the television cameras.

If the so-called ‘Conservative’ (neo con) government falls tomorrow, and we head to a federal election, informed Canadian voters should ask every candidate at all candidates’ meetings what their position on the new war is.

Every one of the incumbent members of Parliament that is seeking re-election owes Canadian voters an honest answer about this latest outrage against decency, peace and common sense.

Similarly, outsiders and newcomers seeking to take seats away from these M.P.s also owe us a clearly stated position on this primal human life issue: do you, or do you not, support the Prime Minister of Canada in his unilateral and dictatorial declaration of war against Libya?

Should the Canadian Parliament vote on the Libyan war tomorrow?  

Of course it should.

Should the Canadian Parliament support the Dictator Harper in pursuing yet another Globalist imperialist war?

Of course not.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition 



4 Responses to FASCIST DICTATOR HARPER says we are at war, but don’t tell disgraceful Canadian Parliamentarians: no mention of Libyan war in CPAC’s Question Period hour

  1. goyodelarosa says:



  2. Diane Dillon says:

    I find it some what ironic that Denise Savoie would be concerned about the events menitoned above. Denise has not dealth with the issues in her own office. Two of her staff did the unthinkable and perjuered themselves and broke the law and it is all being covered up. It is worse than the scenes above and the injured party a disabled grandmother.
    Abuse of position and power. There is now a law suit agianst her office, and she has not bothered to even talk to the family or meet after many request. Is an office a place to hide?
    Harper may find her good company for that reason. We should not of course support another war or destructive measure to gain a position. Does harper explaina his relationships with person who may benifit financially from the war. We must not fence straddle. Diane Dillon 250-902-0735

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for all your comments, Diane.

    I should clarify that Victoria New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Denise Savoie has been an outspoken critic of the bad behaviour of her fellow Parliamentarians, to her credit.

    However, I called her a ‘pundit’ in the sense that this campaign for better Parliamentary behaviour is obviously superficial, self-serving, futile, and a complete diversion from what is really going on behind closed doors.

    Although no vote has been taken on the Libyan war in the House of Commons, the NDP did not oppose Harper’s unilateral declaration of war from Paris.

    I interpret that shameful silence as tacit approval, and I find it deplorable.

    At the very first all candidates’ meeting in the campaign in Victoria, we should ask Denise Savoie if she opposes Canada’s servile militarism in Libya or does she support it like the Liberals support Harper’s brutish Americanist Globalist imperialism.


    Gregory Hartnell

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