‘9/11 Truth Ends Wars’: Wearechangechicago.com organizes anti-war peace demo in Chicago on 8th anniversary of Iraq war start


gandhiA Gandhiji Birthday Observed Globally


We Are Change Chicago organized a peaceful anti-war protest demonstration in conjunction with the one organized by Veterans for Peace in Washington D. C. and other like-minded groups in New York, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and many other American cities, to mark the tragic start of the old Iraq debacle, and to lament the start of yet another insane war in Libya, under the Creepy Joker.

In the town where the false messiah supposedly made his mark as a so-called ‘community organizer’ (whatever that is) the Infowarriors shared the public streets with socialist and anarchist peaceniks of various stripes who otherwise would likely have little to do with them, as most of the ‘Truthers’ and ‘Birthers’ seem to be Ron Paul Love Revolutionaries, independents, paleoconservatives (as opposed to ‘neo cons’), old school conservationists, anti-nuclear activists, and radical libertarian government downsizers, not to be confused with most of the already sold-out so-called Tea Partiers who make fiscal exceptions for increased militarism (Sarah Palin fanatics). 

Donning various t-shirt designs with antiglobalist, pro-peace and anti-war messages, and chanting catchy slogans such as ‘9/11 Truth ends wars,’ ‘true patriots ask questions,’ and ‘Google Building Seven… investigate 9/11,’ while waving 9/11 Architects and Engineers for Truth banners, the protesters passed out info cards and pamphlets to onlookers.

There were no arrests reported at Infowars.com, and an estimated 1,500 people attended the peaceful We Are Change Chicago event, about 500 more than the estimated crowd in Washington D. C.

Good news that these seeds of hope are growing in the heart of darkness, in the great Illinois city of the Blues.


[Infowars.com video of the event is available at a link in the comments section.]


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4 Responses to ‘9/11 Truth Ends Wars’: Wearechangechicago.com organizes anti-war peace demo in Chicago on 8th anniversary of Iraq war start

  1. albe says:

    interest to look up Tony Rezko’s mansion and his wifes purchase and sale of an empty lot adjacent to Obama’s home and subsquent 10 foot purchase of land, how did the young Obanma afford 1.65 million home. Well would it have anything to do with the 14 million funds Rezko ,a developer , got from Fed support for a semiors’ home?
    Rezko is now an imprisoned person re another faux pas , he did support fund raising for a variety of politicans. Resko was born in Aleppo ,Syria, not that has anything to do with this.
    Mansion for sale 3.8 million. Tony Rezko was denounced By Hilary Clinton ,a pic does show her and hubby with Rezko, she is adament it is of no import.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    These Democrats are all Mafia.

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