KARZAI TO NATO: PLEASE LEAVE NOW! Warmongering Tories and Libs offer no Canadian peace option




We’re told that an election is imminent in Canada, but there is something very strange about the present moment in our political history.

A major majority of Canadians oppose our continued presence in Afghanistan, according to the latest Angus Reid poll, the results of which are found in the comments section below.

That Angus Reid poll shows a very convincing 74% of Canadians oppose our continued military presence in the heroin capital of the world.

Hamid Karzai, the corrupt heroin-peddling President, has actually asked NATO to leave!

We are still part of the archaic North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a cold war hangover, despite the fact that the Warsaw Pact countries have more or less disbanded their communist imperialist club.

Canada is not well served by two  New World Order globalist parties, both advocating never-ending Americanist imperial war-making.

Canada needs to pursue its own sovereign interests, reduce our hubristic international pretensions, and not allow our soldiers to be used as cannon fodder for so-called ‘pre-emptive’ illegal wars in foreign countries.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has been shamefully remiss in not condemning the perverse Bushite ‘pre-emptive’ war policy continued by the warmongering Democratic false messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

These bishops should warn their flock against voting for any Death Culture party that tries to justify unjust wars that do not confirm to traditional Catholic teaching on ‘just war’ theory.

It is no accident that all these deadly eugenicist globalist parties (including the NDP and the Bloc) support abortion anarchy in Canada.

It is a tragic disgrace that my fellow Saint Ignatius Institute (University of San Francisco) graduate, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, supports this warmongering, pro-abort, imperialist War Party.

Ditto for Gary Lunn, apparently a Knight of Columbus, a semi-secret society of Roman Catholic men.

People like Harper, Kenney, Lunn and all the other warmongers in the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party are betraying basic Christian principles, and are leading gullible people of good faith astray.

Give your head a serious shake, Jason; your support for the deadly globalist agenda is a complete repudiation of everything we were taught at SII!

The New Democratic Party is a socialist party with close ties to Big American Labor, and is not likely to ever form government, nor should it, but to its credit, advocates immediate Canadian troop withdrawal from the Afghan debacle.

The Bloc Quebecois, a supposedly separatist party that has completely lost its way in pretending to want out of the Confederation, is easily appeased with promises of jobs for Quebecois.

The BQ also opposes the Canadian army presence in that miserable country, as opposition to the war is even higher in Quebec than in other parts of Canada.

Canadians in the ROC (‘rest of Canada’) outside of Quebec are facing a false left-right paradigm that is essentially fascist no matter whether one votes ‘Liberal’ or ‘Conservative.’

The problem here mirrors the false left-right paradigm that prevails in the Republic to our south.

‘Democrats’ (like Canadian ‘Liberals’) are just as hawkish as their supposed neo con Republican opponents.

Only Dennis Kucinich, a pacifist Democrat, holds the peace flag in that sold-out corporatist party, but he has a very small base of supporters, and is not very charismatic.



Dr. Ron Paul is a true pro-life anti-war candidate, and the real man to watch in the Republican Party, but he is treated as a pariah within it, annoying warmongering neo cons like Huckabee, Palin and Romney.

Donald Trump is toying with the idea of running for President, saying he admires Dr. Paul, but that the latter is ‘unelectable.’

That’s a joke as The Donald has never held elected office anywhere, while the good obstetrician from the Lone Star State has been elected by his faithful constituents eleven times.

If Mr. Trump wants to make himself useful, he should help fund the Ron Paul campaign, and keep quiet, to let the non-interventionist leader assume his rightful place leading the new Revolution of Love and Peace that is the only option for a world crying out for freedom, justice and sanity in domestic and foreign affairs.

Meanwhile, in Canada, peace-loving Canadians should look very closely at the Liberals and Conservatives, to finally realize all the reasons why it is not prudent to vote for them.

The Canadian Action Party is one option to investigate, as they support more assertive Canadian sovereignty, question the value of NAFTA, question the official story of the 9-11 Commission, and call for Canadian troops to be brought home from Afghanistan now, I believe.

I am not a member of the CAP, however, I am seriously investigating serious peace options for Canadians to pursue in the coming election, and would appreciate any help readers may offer to direct others to alternative options, away from the temptation to vote for the warmongering Libs and Tories.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


4 Responses to KARZAI TO NATO: PLEASE LEAVE NOW! Warmongering Tories and Libs offer no Canadian peace option

  1. goyodelarosa says:



  2. goyodelarosa says:



  3. albe says:

    Seems Canadians aver to be peace makers/ keepers, but seem deluded, what are we doing,have done seems war like, is it because of the treaties our gov’t signs in some euphoric hubris. Our Cyprus green line effort may be an exception, mostly we appear to want to not upset the Americans war machine .
    As a taxpayer i object ,not too ardently , against killing people with my dollars.
    But this falls on deaf ears . Too bad we can’t direct our taxes too other than war funding.
    The tyranny of the mandated pols which get elected in.
    Recall that Jean C. claimed no one voted him in just because he promised to cancel
    GST, which he didn’t do. Well Jean C. I voted for Liberals only for that cancellation.
    Should i believe the next promise , no, i’ll be encouraged to not vote.
    The people who run for office have been attracted by the ego gratification aspect i opine.

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