Dr. Ron Paul says President Obama cannot authorize ‘no fly zone’; warns American Congress not to go to war in Libya




Dr. Ron Paul, the veteran radical anti-war pro-life  fiscal-social conservative libertarian Congressman from Texas, warned  his fellow Congressmen not to let President Obama unilaterally set up a so-called ‘no fly zone’ in Libya, as setting up  such a zone in the North African country would be an act of aggressive offensive pre-emptive war, would almost certainly be illegal in terms of international law, would unnecessarily cost Libyan and American lives, would complicate the Americans’ relations with the whole Muslim world, and prove to be a very costly addition to an overstretched American foreign policy and almost bankrupt federal treasury. 

Only Congress can authorize the country to go to war, said the constitutionalist maverick Republican, adding that it should vote not to do so.

Donald Trump, who is hinting at running for the presidency, says he is pro-life, likes Paul, agrees with him that the USA should exit from Iraq and Afghanistan, but that Dr. Ron Paul is not electable.



Doctor Paul, a charismatic senior statesman and humble doctor who has never performed an abortion and has delivered more than 4,000 babies, had to blow his own horn by pointing out that he has been elected 11 times and The Donald has never been elected ever!  

A debating match between Donald Trump and Dr. Ron Paul would be fascinating to watch, and a race between them for the American Presidency would reinvigorate the Republican party which is not well-served by neo-con warmongers Palin, Huckabee and Romney.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell


[An Infowars video of Dr. Ron Paul warning against the no fly zone is found in the Comments section below.]


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