Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Libya's Colonel Gaddafi


Former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and current Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff are both calling for Canadian military intervention in Libya.  

It should be remembered that Mr. Martin was one of the key players who re-opened Canadian relations with Moammar Gaddafi, the dictator of the country.

That move opened up oil fields in the country to Petro Can exploitation.

Prime Minister Harper should get endangered Canadians out of the country, but should not follow the foolish advice of these Liberals.

Canada should order Petro Can and other Canadian companies to cease operations in Libya, as they benefit the current murderous dictator.

Petro Can’s investments in that country should be divested immediately and reinvested instead in Canada.

Obama’s imperialist intervention in the country, whether unilateral or multilateral, is doomed to failure, as are his misadventures in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Bring Canadian troops home from Afghanistan now.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell


For a link to an article on Paul Martin’s call for more intervention, and another article by John Ivison on this shameful Liberal Petro Can history, please refer to the Comments section below.



  1. albe says:

    Divestment and enter libya? When Canada trades with China? China did attack its own citizens in the Tenimen incident or do we forget and forgive, alas is that the case,
    Canadians wish to select which dictators are connected with what economic deals. As Jean Cretin said once we know every human writes that’s why we did a deal for pencils for china because every human writes. Ha Ha good joke Jean.
    Dealing with Libya or Sudan for oil is it really connected to Canada’s national policy, or will the oil companies involved sell out or perhaps move office of ,domicile out of Canada’s jurisdiction.
    Petro Canada as many think has a government connection, but what about the other oil companies. Should oil companies divest, sell to Petro china ?
    Canadian consumers don’t seem to have ethical concerns if costs accelerate.
    Libya for Libyans ,how can Canada act to avert a bloodbath,or should we ,when the Saudi’s etc. could assist but do not.Let us see some humanitarian compassion by the Arab world or at least pony up funds for the expense.

  2. albe says:

    Too late ,when the money paid to settle Lockerbie event was paid the leaders must have realized this guy was poison. A ban on trage and travel to libya should have then been instituted.
    Sorry I don’t want this egomaniacs in Ottawa spending lives and tax money on this proposed venture. The population in LIbya will have to make as other countries should their own solution. Did anyone help Canada in the bloodbath of the two world wars?
    Did we get paid /reimbursed? for korean war. Possibly not.
    The people voted in seem to think a all systems go mandate of approval has been given to do what they want . Too bad for the tories if voters remember this if it goes ahead. The current rant that voters forget quickly is not really true, people just don’t vote.

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    We have no ethical obligation to the Gringo Empire to police its interests and unholy holdings in Libya, Afghanistan, Algeria, Tunisia or anywhere else in that oil-producing region.

    We have more than enough oil of our own and Canada should not be gouging its own citizens during this Libyan bloodbath with jacked up prices at the pump.

    We should provide so-called ‘ethical oil’ for our own domestic needs first at the lowest possible price, and only after that should we be exporting the stuff to the Gringos and others at jacked-up global prices… in other words, we need a two-tiered pricing system.

    Paul Martin shook Gaddafi’s hand in his tent, to finalize the disgraceful Petro Can deal for his corporatist buddies… that was the first mistake with respect to new relations with that currupt dictator-murderer.

    People seem to think that Petro Can is somehow part of the government of Canada, but that is ancient history, as it was privatized.

    Of course, we shouldn’t be trading with these corrupt tyrannies ever, nor do we really need to do so.

    In the meantime, the great myth of ‘free trade’ supposedly obliges us to sign nuclear power deals with Beijing, as Chretien foolishly did.

    We can all start our own resistance to this globalist nonsense by not buying Chinese products, and not voting ‘Liberal’ or ‘Conservative’.


  4. John Gilbert says:

    Note the Petro-Canada (Suncor) Assad picture ad at (bottom left).

    (English version of it on that links to Petro-Canada website.)

    See an example at

  5. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for the links, John.

    Those Suncor and/or Petro-Can investments must be worth a whole lot of moolah, which might explain why Canada hasn’t joined an unholy war against Syria… yet.

    Let’s hope and pray there is not another expansion of the globalists’ war theatre to that neck of the woods.

    Gregory Hartnell

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