ANTI-DEMOCRATIC TYRANT DINO’S BIG CHILL: Why did the Yellow Fortinites wage such a brutal Orwellian-Machiavellian VOTE YES campaign of orders, lies, fearful media manipulation in Victoria Referendum? Gregory Hartnell on how a supposedly ‘progressive’ mayor’s stimulus vanity project morphed into a thuggish anti-democratic bullying of Victoria’s Registered Voters. Victoria’s Brave New World of Socialist Historical Revisionism 101: Prof. Fortin, Political Scientist Extraordinaire will show how he claimed support of 74% Silent Majority absentee boycotters!!


November snowfall, 1357 Rockland, Victoria 2009, by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’


The phenomenon of historical revisionism now operative at Victoria City Hall is not exclusive to socialist regimes, but is found in all anti-democratic tyrannies worldwide.

I specialized in Modern European History and Modern Latin American History (post-Renaissance)  when studying in the Department of History at the University of San Francisco in the 80s and 90s, and became familiar with the various deplorable techniques used by such regimes to brainwash their own people into a kind of sullen acceptance of corruption, influence-peddling, ‘election’ manipulation, daily propaganda bombardment in all media, etc.

Techniques of persuasion used by the Fortinite VOTE YES campaign, leading up to, during, and after the recent Victoria Byelection-Referendum campaign had all the hallmarks of such totalitarian manipulative tricks.

The very carefully contrived message management of the socialist Yellow-Orange NDP Mayor, especially with respect to the monopoly daily newspaper’s one-sided telling of his sad story of danger, decay, earthquakes, high taxes and permanent closures on the Johnson Street Bridge, was transparently crafted to achieve a particular desired result, that being a supposed concern on his part that Victoria voters become aware and concerned enough about these supposed dangers to public safety, to get out and do something they have not done in a very long time.

That was to vote in the middle of a very cold November in a caprious and unnecessary extraordinary referendum, when they have historically been known not to have ever done so in significant numbers that have any real scientific meaning that is really discernable.

In other words, the socialist mayor, compelled by the legal results of the counter-petition organized by, had two options, to set a date for a referendum to be held during the next general local election in 2011, thus allowing accountability to Victoria voters who could then also vote for or against Councillor Candidates at the same time, or to evade accountability by choosing the more expedient route for his stimulus-addicted purposes, one held at a time convenient to his manipulative plan this year, during a time of the 2010 year that really is quite miserable in Victoria’s scientifically predictable calendar of nasty weather.

The socialist mayor didn’t care if by doing so he would make life miserable for the thousands of old Victoria folks who usually wisely stay inside to avoid such cold weather.

Those elderly, educated, responsible Victoria citizen-taxpayer-voters have exercised their democratic franchise in freedom over the decades, and have developed a life-long voting habitus, and made it co-natural with their concept of themselves as good citizens, and are thus usually the most informed and engaged citizens in local democracy in this city.

They pay their ever-escalating residential property taxes, and they keep close watch on household budgets, apparently unlike the present spendthrift administration at Victoria City Hall.

But this time, an extraordinary 74% of these Victoria citizens chose not to come out on a November day which threatened snow, a day that was thus sabotaged by a well-organized NDP Orange – Carole James Yellow – Victoria Pride Parade Purple coalition that supported the Fortinite YES side for the Referendum question, and the NDP’s Saanich Candidate Alto, an interloper into the Victoria Byelection.

The extraordinary Victoria Referendum which was really not all that urgent, should thus more properly have been postponed by an ethical, non-partisan Victoria City Council until next year, to coincide with the next regularly scheduled local general election, thus ensuring a degree of accountability for bedeviled Victoria residential property taxpayers, who would then have had the opportunity to exercise their rightful option of either endorsing the mayor’s plan, or of replacing this maddening lot of spendthrift, “YES”, socialist, and incumbent career Councillors with new fiscally responsible “NO” Candidates for the Victoria City Council, along with their NO votes, in a complete sweep.

The NDP Orange, Carole James-supporting, Yellow Scarf-wearing  NDP Mayor of Victoria, Dean Fortin didn’t want that outcome, of course, and notwithstanding his pro-forma statements to the contrary made before the vote, nor did he want his real preferred outcome, low voter turnout, part of the November stolen surprise.

Dean Fortin didn’t want the voter turnout to be enhanced with any real influx of new or reawakened Victoria voters, as low voter turnout actually suits his anti-democratic instincts quite well, as was also the case in the election of his preferred NDP Candidate in the concurrent Byelection, Marianne Alto.

He was also in a hurry to avoid imminent new reforms to the Local Government Elections Act, 31 of which have been recommended by a special Task Force on such reforms, and green-lighted for implementation as law by the present provincial government, before that 2011 election, as indicated in a press release found at Communities Minister Stephanie Cadieux’s website.

The Yellow cult Mayor publicly pretended that he hoped these formerly reluctant, but now magically hardy, informed, motivated and enthusiastic Victoria voters would finally come out, exercise their long disused franchise in an extraordinary referendum at a nasty time of year, or perhaps vote for the very first time in the case of young new voters, and give the City of Victoria a resounding YES vote to ‘go forward in a sustainable progressive’ way.

But I seriously question whether Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin really wanted a resounding voter turnout in the Victoria Byelection Referendum of 2010 at all.

If he had really wanted such a turnout, would it not have been more rational, efficacious and ethical to have produced a completely neutral ‘information campaign’ on the referendum, rather than a blatantly partisan and aggressive one-sided propaganda barrage, using public money, which was sure to engender a major negative, non-approving or non-co-operative reaction from disgusted, cynical, disinterested, angry or oppositional voters?

The Mayor never indicated before the results were counted that he would claim any non-votes as somehow later indicating a kind of cryptic approval of his plan the morning after.

There is no cryptic evidence to be found whatsoever, whether for the YES or NO sides, in the non-involvement of the absentee Silent Majority, save this: they did not vote Yes, nor did they vote No.

By withholding their vote, they can said to have wounded the YES side more, however, because the onus to prove true democratic approbation of the proposed borrowing was squarely on that side.

Once it became evident that 74% of Victoria’s registered voters had boycotted or absented themselves, for whatever reason, the authorities overseeing the vote should have declared the whole exercise null and void, because it then became impossible for the YES side to show a clear double major majority of 71% in the two step process.

In other words, they should have realized at that point that the 74% Silent Majority cohort represented a huge number of Victorian voters who had not allowed their political intentions to be known other than to absent themselves for the whole process.

To have the responsible voters held captive by the whims of this irresponsible Silent Majority is not the way that democracy is supposed to work.

Rather, as even a small child can tell you, the basic idea of democracy is that the will of the majority rules.

Dean Fortin would not have dared announce such an audacious trick posture before the vote was actually undertaken.

But now the Yellow- scarved NDP Mayor of Victoria asks us, as do complacent newspaper editorialists like the Black Press corporatists, to wishfully interpret the Great Cryptic Silence of the 74% Majority as some sort of a mute indicator of their happy approval of his mad new bridge building plan.

According to this fanciful math, that would be about 16% YES votes, plus about 74% absentees, giving the Yellow Wizard of Stimulus Spending a whopping 90% approbation rating for his new bridge building plan.

Such fancies of socialist economic wizardry should not be taken seriously by any democracy-loving people, nor by corporatist newspaper editorial writers, for that matter.

The man in the NDP Yellow scarf at Victoria City Hall apparently has learned all his conjuring tricks from calculating Machiavellian manipulators throughout history.

Who would ever have thought that the suppposedly sophisticated politicos in Victoria, of whatever common sense reasonable political persuasion, and not beholden to such blatant socialist historical revisionism, would ever nod their heads in complacent argreement to such a distortion of the truth?

Mayor Dean Fortin campaigns in the Cook Street Village for a Yes vote on the bridge referendum.

Ninety percent (90%) support among Victoria’s Registered Voters for your new bridge building plans, and only 10% of Victoria’s Registered Voters in the naysayers’ camp against them, you say, sir, in all seriousness?

Seriously, Dean?

With all due respect, sir:

you must be kidding.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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