Did Victoria NDP Mayor Dean Fortin wear an NDP yellow scarf inside any Victoria polling station on November 20, 2010? Witnesses asked to phone: 250 382 97 67, or write gregoryhartnell@yahoo.ca

He showed up in a photo on the front page of the paper the day after the byelection-referendum, November 21, with the yellow scarf signalling his support for NDP Leader Carole James, who he had supported at an NDP meeting the same day, Saturday, November 20, 2010.

Does anyone remember seeing the New Democratic Party’s Mayor of Victoria at any Victoria polling station last Saturday wearing a yellow scarf?

If so, he may very well have infracted Elections B.C. regulations or B. C. government regulations governing Local Government Elections.

Please phone Gregory Hartnell, CCC President @ 250 382 97 67 or write an email: gregoryhartnell@yahoo.ca if you have any information or photographs of the Mayor on that day.


Gregory P. M. Hartnell, CCC Pres.


The city's "yes" vote campaign began Tuesday with a media tour of the bridge with boat’s-eye views of its crumbling condition.




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