David Black’s Black Press will make much more money from taxpayer-funded NDP YES ads than they ever will from JSB.org NO or cyclist Ross Crockford



The increasingly desperate NDP YES campaign is apparently resorting to fielding potentially embarrassing trick questions to JSB.org director Ross Crockford, and to spreading false rumours that the NO campaign is being financed by David Black of Black Press.

Mr. Crockford was asked to clarify his current financial status, his employment relationship with Black Press, who was funding JSB.org, who was funding the NO campaign and many other inappropriate and intrusive personal-social questions which he was under no legal or even ethical obligation to answer last night in Fernwood’s Little Fernwood hall, owned by the City of Victoria, by the way.

The grilling was undertaken by an unknown moderator of the hosting organization, the Fernwood Community Association, a group that has had a trouble-filled radical reputation in the past, but which apparently still continues to receive City of Victoria subsidization.

The moderator asked questioners to submit written questions to him, which he then took the liberty to ‘edit,’ because they were too long, he said.

He then questioned Mr. Crockford in such a way as to give Mr. Crockford the false impression that he had to answer the question and could not avoid it, as it was directed only to him as the most prominent spokesman of the JohnsonStreetBridge.org group.

The moderator should never have done this to a man who is not even a candidate in this byelection.

In fact the format of the evening was a debate between Mr. Ross Crockford and Mr. Vittorio Cheli for the NO, and Councillors Pamela Madoff and John Luton for the City of Victoria’s YES, and it pertained to a pending referendum question requesting Victoria voters’ approval of a borrowing of nearly $50M to build a new bridge to replace our heritage bascule designed by the genius Joseph Strauss (below), the same man who designed San Francisco’s world famous Golden Gate Bridge.




Joseph Strauss  

This mad philistine scheme is primarily promoted by the current socialist mayor Dean Fortin and supported by almost all of the present Council, except for a chartered accountant, the senior veteran Councillor Geoff Young.

The Fernwood Community Association owes Ross Crockford, JSB.org and all of the NO camp an apology for the blunder and they should also issue a public apology to all those citizens who were abused last night by a very flawed and slanted trick set of questions at an apparently partisan meeting.

The NDP YES side also has a lot of explaining to do, to bring some sort of transparent clarification to this issue.

There is no doubt that a vicious attempt was made last night in Fernwood to sully the good reputation of an heroic Victoria citizen by a partisan group that has appareantly abrogated to itself, perhaps illegally, access to the complete public treasury of the City of Victoria, putting an unknown amount of money at its immediate disposal.

I hope that the Victoria Police Department are investigating these abuses by our own present City of Victoria government, or that some group like the B.C. Civil Liberties Association intervenes to protect the public interest, by seeking an injunction to stop the City from further use of our own public property for these offensive VOTE YES propaganda signs displayed on public property.

The City is also being alarmingly evasive about a full accounting of its planned expenditures of public money for the VOTE YES propaganda, as if there were some sort of ad hoc nature to it which makes the final figures still unknown.

The desperate folly of the NDP YES is thus exposed for all to see in its brute force, greed, lack of business savvy and extraordinary intrusiveness.

David Black is a very rich man who lives in the Uplands and prints a number of publications of very mediocre intellectual quality in Greater Victoria, including Monday Magazine, a publication with a completly phoney image as somehow alternative, while it is clearly a tool of the decadent Establishment status quo if ever there was one, with its offensive whore’s ads, its hedonistic materialism and its cynical ambiguous editorials.

Front Cover


Mr.Crockford’s occasional articles on local history in Monday are like roses growing in that dungheap of a so-called ‘alternative publication.’

They are produced on a free-lance basis and he is not employed with a regular salary by Black Press.

The huge amounts of public money Dean Fortin is spending on ads everywhere, including in Monday and in all the other of David Black’s numerous free publications will bring many thousands more dollars into Mr. Black’s swelling piggy bank than will ever come from the frugal and self-effacing NO organizer of prudent fiscally conservative conservationist voters.

This is a David Ross Crockford and Goliath Dean Fortin story, but  happily,  young David wins in the end in the Old Testament tale, despite the huge size of Goliath Dean Fortin’s army of socialist propagandists using our own money to give us so-called ‘information’ which is nothing more than ra-ra pro-NDP YES propaganda with the City of Victoria logo stamped on it, thus giving it an air of officialdom, inevitability and finality.




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    The huge amounts of public money. it ‘s ture.

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