CLUELESS ‘HARM REDUCTION’ NONSENSE: Dr. Kerry Kendall, BC Chief Medical Officer on Pandora Pharmacy chaos: ‘Is there a problem here with public order or public danger- I don’t know’


IDA CHONG, former B.C. Minister of Sport and Healthy Living, a recall target, with CLUELESS KENDALL:



The previously unpublicized source of the seriously flawed so-called ‘harm reduction’ needle distribution system on the chaotic Pandora Avenue, such as it is, is the Pandora Pharmacy at 922 Pandora, according to an article by Richard Watts in the TC rag this morn.

‘Clean’ needles are pushed by the unpopular Gordon Campbell Liberals and supported by sinking socialist Mayor Dean Fortin and his clueless Council.

They are not the only people who are clueless when it comes to how to properly deliver real public health services to using addicts.

In an amazing admission of his own indefensible ignorance, British Columbia’s Chief Medical Officer, a pompous Englishman named Doctor Perry Kendall, is quoted in the Times Colonist this morning as saying that in fact, the government is providing addicts with so-called ‘harm reduction supplies.’

‘”We do provide harm reduction supplies. 

‘”And we do encourage the establishment of needle exchanges and other services where they are needed.

‘”And we do encourage pharmacists to be a part of the solution,’ said Kendall.

‘”Is there a problem here [on Pandora Avenue] with public order or public danger – I don’t know,” he said.

‘”I think it might be a really good idea for someone to sit down with the police and the local residents and say, ‘What are your real concerns here?”‘

Really, Doc?

How much do we pay this clown to turn his head away from the misery his decadent Gordo government is causing to sick people who then become addicted to methadone, thanks to his fanatic non-holistic pushing of a dubious and dangerous experiment, using human beings as guinea pigs in a kind of Orwellian world of deep denial, psycho-babble, and charged ideology.


Councillor Candidate Barry Hobbis should speak out clearly at this point in the campaign and organize a free public meeting in conjunction with the St. Andrew’s Elementary and Pre-School near his campaign office. 

The gym there holds about four hundred people, and has been used by parents, neighbours and other  concerned citizens in the past to discuss this very issue.

In fact, I distinctly remember to trying to corner Mayor Dean Fortin at one such public meeting at Saint Andrew’s gym, and trying to ask him if he had any new ideas about what to do about the danger to these school children presented by the unhealthy anti-social criminal activity that his government  and the ‘VicPD’ seem to support, but he just stared at me, as if the question was unanswerable.


Move children to safer suburban schools

Bishop Richard Gagnon

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria is planning to shut the school and daycare down, due its pathetic inability or shocking unwillingness to work with concerned Christian parents, responsible governments and the recovery community to radically change governments’ enabling policies and to instead impliment a real abstinence-multivitamin-exercise-job training-social support solution that cleans and sobers these people up.

This is a disgrace that can also therefor be laid at the feet of the BC Liberal provincial government, VIHA, the Orange-Red-Green Victoria City Council, the Victoria Police Department and the Diocese of Victoria, in my humble opinion.

Mr. Hobbis could ask this foolish doctor to attend  the meeting to explain in clear, plain, Queen’s English, what the hell is he babbling about?

He doesn’t know if there still are public order and public danger problems on Pandora Avenue?

Mr. Hobbis’ own position on ‘harm reduction’ is unclear, it should be noted, despite the fact that he used to be a policeman, and his campaign office is right in the middle of the ‘war on drugs’ zone of misery.

He should clarify it, in the public interest, lest he lose the support of thousands of Victorians in his natural social conservative constituency.

Lest any of my devoted readers is tempted to vote for NDP YES ‘harm reduction’ fanatic Marianne Alto (in NDP orange, below)… I suggest that you take a walk along Pandora, open your eyes and ask yourself, ‘what is wrong with this picture?’

Marianne Alto

Don’t you dare ever vote for Alto under any circumstances if you consider yourself to be a good Christian pro-lifer.




2 Responses to CLUELESS ‘HARM REDUCTION’ NONSENSE: Dr. Kerry Kendall, BC Chief Medical Officer on Pandora Pharmacy chaos: ‘Is there a problem here with public order or public danger- I don’t know’

  1. Tom Jones says:

    Does Kendall get a kickback from the pharmacists that sell methadone? Addicts on the program are not encouraged to reduce their dose while on the program. Now we’re handing out free crack pipes. This seems is insane:

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