YES PROPAGANDA FOR ANGLO-CHINESE FUTURIST BRIDGE: City of Victoria’s denials, lies, omissions: Dean Fortin’s long walk from Victoria via Ottawa with love to Beijing, via Nanning steel mill for new ‘green city’ bridge



The City of Victoria is spending an unknown amount of our tax dollars on misleading VOTE YES propaganda pamphlets, one of which arrived unsolicited, through our mailslot, at our single family detached residence in Rockland this afternoon. 

The City of Victoria is so clueless as to apparently not know the mailing address of one of its most ardent critics, and should not have wasted good paper and human energy to deliver the hateful thing to us.

Please remove occupants of 1357 Rockland Avenue from your mailing list of YES propaganda, you clowns.

This pamphlet makes a number of outrageous assertions, the most egregious of which pertains to the final result of the referendum.

‘If the referendum is not successful, City Council will have to consider increasing taxes or using limited reserve funds currently identified for other projects, or close the bridge,’ says the City of Victoria pamphlet.

The City admits that the loan amortization period would ‘be spread out over twenty years,’ but does not specify a rate of interest, nor is a final total cost for the loan to City of Victoria taxpayers indicated, both very serious omissions indeed.

The City threatens closure of the bridge in the event of a NO victory, plus tax hikes of up to 16%, because they say that the $21,000,000 federal grant only applies to new structures.

On the other hand, if people are foolish enough to vote for their plan, they promise ‘0% tax increase.’

For that belligerance, they should be punished with a resounding NO vote.

They say that building the bridge will take 4 years, and yet they will be doing no maintenance in the interim, apparently, divesting themselves of the duty of prudent ongoing maintenance, thus accelerating the rapid oxidization of already seriously eroded steel elements, girders and bolts.

From Victoria,  provincial capital, and important strategic naval and army base on a huge island in the Pacific North West coast, and Ottawa, capital city of Canada, most favoured trading partner country now to Beijing China’s vicious totalitarian human-rights-abusing Communist Party regime of thugs, comes a naive mayor holding a cheque for $21,000,000 made out to his newfound friend in planned international socialist stimulus spending, the Communist Mayor of Nanning, one Huang Fangfang.

This love cheque from the Canadian people to the Communist Party of China is the first of many such payments which will be made over the next four years by Mayor Fortin to Mayor Fangfang to pay for steel elements on his new futuristic ‘green city’ bridge, if my worst nightmare comes true, which of course, God forbid that it should ever do so.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell





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