YES peddlar John Luton sells Fortin’s Folly in funky Fernwood. Desperate Dean wants you to know: Who pays Ross Crockford? Who pays for Black Press?… Purple Pamela Madoff says VOTE YES propaganda ‘is just public information, thank you very much’




PEDRO JOSE MORA: Should he be standing for office?


Senor Pedro Jose Mora, a Victoria City Council Candidate, and the Ecuadorean immigrant who apparently sexually assaulted a number of young girls in the late 1990s, and about whom I had just been doing some writing at this GPMH blog earlier this afternoon, arrived at the entrance to the Little Fernwood hall just at the same time I did this evening around 7:30 p.m., oddly enough, so I smiled at him, stepped back and gave him the Latin nod, thinking he seems like a nice guy…He smiled, nodded, and sat down quietly near another Council Candidate in this byelection, Rimas Toumasonis, I believe.

Something weird about that strange coincidence, I thought to myself, but as the old folks say, God works in mysterious ways.

Who knows? Maybe someday, Pedro Mora, Zoe Blunt, Marianne Alto, Pamela Madoff, Lynn Hunter, Denise Savoie and other people I have apparently offended with my curiosity and my narrative style lately will some day look back and have a good hearty laugh at our pretentious ideological rigidity and the bizarre boundaries we erect around each other and we will all be the best of friends…

Someday, perhaps in some never-never rainbow land out of a Judy Garland world of Oz… it ain’t going to happen for a while yet, I am afraid.

This is a longstanding culture war, after all, that the NDP started some time ago by coming into local politics whenever they first did, thus infecting the old independentist Victoria body politic with the nasty infection of militant internationalist socialism and never-ending class warfare.



Marianne Alto is not identified in this photo from the website of the New Democratic Party Member of the Canadian Parliament for Victoria


Now that the NDP has brought their creepy pro-abort pro-euthanasia pro-so called ‘harm reduction’ Death Culture politics right into the Victoria municipal scene, where many people don’t think they should be at all, they must  therefor expect to be subject to the same kind of careful public interest scrutiny that any other such big organized party would have to endure in a provincial or federal election, and not hide behind a veil of phoney sentimental secrecy and bourgeois political correctness when it comes time to disclose basic public interest information about their favoured candidate in this byelection, Marianne Alto.

Focus Magazine Cover Victoria BC February 2010


How much ‘public interest’ information about these private Victoria citizens does the voting public have a right to know about?

None of these people are standing to be elected to fill a vacant seat on the Victoria City Council.

But the NDP’s Ms Alto is.


The public has a right to such public interest information during an election period, as I have been arguing for a number of days during this campaign, but they do not necessarily have, nor should they have, a similar sweeping right to personal-social information about individuals, such as the directors of, who are not seeking elected office in this byelection or at other times, and there is a very real reason why the legal distinction is made.

It all has to do with the basic ordering of elections, the need to protect the public interest and government itself against wide-open corruption and influence peddling by special interest groups, corporations, foundations, unions, and yes, political parties, etc.

NDP candidates in local elections can therefor expect to have their outrageous economic ideas, for example, subject to intense scrutiny by local business people, as is happening in this particular referendum on borrowing a staggering $49,200,000 for a start to a new steel bridge to replace the familiar Johnson Street Bridge.

I suspect that these new bridge component parts, which would be made of high tech steel and iron from English specs, will probably be made in a factory in our ‘friendship city’ of Nanning, China, under the benevolent stewardship of his excellency, the Communist Party of China’s very powerful man in Nanning, one Huang Fangfang, new friend of that very earnest, well-intentioned if somewhat naive Canadian fellow, Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin.

Nearby in the audience sat another third Councillor Candidate, ‘Nature Boy’ George (‘Jorge’) Sirk, the passionate, intelligent Venezuelan-born naturalist who, incongruously, wants to build a skate park for would-be delinquents (or delinquents that want to go skateboarding at public expense).

The serious side of Senor Jorge Sirk wants to save the old bridge, however, and bring astronomical sewage costs down, and those are the real issues he should stick with.

Those, and the deer dilemna, which hand-scrawled amendments to his recycled campaign signs tell us he wants to ‘control,’ supposedly with some sort of humane cull, similar to the unanimous position of the Councillor Candidates in North Saanich last night (as reported in the monopoly rag this morn).

The lady I had really hoped to hear speak again, NDP Councillor Candidate Marianne Alto (see colour photo above courtesy of her friend in radical left politics, Denise Savoie), did not appear to be in attendance, but I cannot be absolutely sure of this.

I noticed Mat Wright  of Barry Hobbis’ campaign and the FCA’s Tony, as I had the night before, shooting video with their tiny high tech cameras.

Tony is always cool, offered me a pillow for my chair, and went about his business.

I had laboured under the misapprehension for a day or so that this might be a similar formatted meeting to the one here the night before.

I should have looked into this more closely as it turned out that it was not a forum with all the candidates at all, but rather a debate between the YES side, argued by Victoria City Councillors Pamela Madoff and John Luton, and the NO side, argued by Vittorio Cheli and Ross Crockford.

The latter was not as good of a speaker as Mr. Cheli, but was nevertheless subject to a very tricky line of questioning from the YES camp, mediated by a very controlling moderator, which was: who is paying for the expenses of the NO side and

Who pays Ross Crockford’s salary, and is he on the staff of Black Press, for instance?

It was actually painful to witness how Mr. Crockford fell for this bait, and felt that he was somehow compelled to answer these very rude and frankly invasive and irrelevant questions as to his personal life circumstances.

“Well, I note for the record that I’m not really seeking elected office here, and so I don’t legally have to disclose that, but I, uh, I guess I better tell you people a little bit about myself….”

And then he did, in excruciatingly minute detail, including references to his wife, their personal finances, their mode of living, their real estate investment, her line of employment, his inheritance from family property investments, etc., etc., etc.

And the clincher: he works freelance only for Black Press, is not on salary with them, teaches part time, lives frugally, and has financed 95% of the’s NO campaign from his own credit card.

It was an extraordinary instance of a man who, for no real good reason that I can discern, opened himself up to the nosey scrutiny of an audience of people who really had no business listening to the fine details of his personal life, but he gave them that transparency and accountability… and then some.

I have never actually seen an aspiring politician be so forthright in such raw confessional disclosure at a free public meeting, let alone a private citizen who did not, as I say, really have to do it at all.

To his credit, but a bit late, after Mr. Crockford had spilled his guts in this very moving performance (he seemed almost to be choking sometimes with emotion when he talked about his family coming from Alberta), Victoria City Councillor John Luton then gave a noble little speech saying that he didn’t think that Mr. Crockford needed to have been so forthright, and he hoped that the moderator would not encourage any more such intrusive questioning, etc.

A bit too little, too late, Mr. Luton, unhappily for Ross Crockford.

In contrast, the baffling Pamela Madoff, still babbling about her love of heritage, denied that the $50,000 or more of public money for the VOTE YES propaganda material was anything more than public information, and feigned to see no ethical problem with the expenditure.

I left in deference to the highly sensitive Councillor’s ladylike sensibilities when I realized that she was getting a bit too melodramatic in her affected pretence of being offended by my raucus heckling from the back of the hall.


Girlish fun with masks and hunky Kabuki Kab peddlars


Yes, folks, I must confess that this evening in funky funky Fernwood I heckled Victoria City Councillor Pamela Madoff, my old high school associate from Vic High and former ally in the noble struggle to save Saint Anne’s Academy in the public interest.

Photo de l’Academie Sainte Anne, Victoria, Colombie Britanique, Canada, circa 1920

I heckled her a number of times with genuine gusto and it felt quite good in the gut, actually, quite satisfying as a visceral experience, I guess one would say, quite Shakespearean in its earthy rewards, and I thought to myself, I must report this phenomenon to David Jure and see if the  Shakespearean thespians have a name for this relief of tension through raucous heckling of someone somewhat pathetic and somewhat ruined who is still trying to convince people that she knows what she is talking about…

This Councillor, such an absurd dresser who sometimes actually affects these weird black and purple striped stockings, like Pippi Longstocking, but instead of being tall and skinny like Pippi with long legs, the masked Queen of the Night, like Alto, is now tragically obese…

I swear to God Almighty that I am now exercising my Canadian Charter-protected  election commentary and political analytic free speech rights, in fact invoking my God and the Charter to protect myself from the onslaught of what I believe may be the PC thought police that all the science fiction writers have been writing about for the last half century, but I don’t read science fiction, so that doesn’t quite work, but in any case, I have to tell the truth as I see it and I can lie no more nor can I disregard what my eyes tell me anymore… this is critical artistic political analysis, with the emphasis on artistic, folks, so cool down, and if this is not your cup of tea, then don’t read more, if you don’t like it. 

Back to this annoying woman for whose prideful actions I regret to say I have lost almost all real respect because of her jettisoning of her former highminded principles as an intelligent sensitive architectural heritage preservationist of some local import, and her embrace of …  well,what exactly do you stand for these days, Pamela, can you tell us?

This mysterious masked Councillor, none other than the regal lady of the photo published here, she of the black, green and peacock-feathered Venetian mask, that enigmatic lady in the Kabuki Kab at the Purple Pride Parade with ecstatic NDP MP Denise Savoie jumping on the back, just for the sake of girlish fun, while the Queen of the Night gets carried around like a weird vision from Federico Felini by some poor schmuck trying to make a buck.

Pamela was calling for a kind of ‘respect’ in Fernwood that the Victoria City Council certainly has not afforded its own citizens in the NO camp (sorry, no money for you folks!), in this farce of  a flawed public consultation process.

The fate of our beloved Joseph Strauss-designed Johnson Street Bridge lies with the likes of these two philistine heritage despoilers (Luton and Madoff) who somehow think that they are doing something good for the masses, when they are really only beholden to some not too very well hidden special interest groups themselves, the NDP, the CUPE union, and perhaps even to the Communist Party of China and the City of Nanning government under the direction of that aimiable rogue, Huang Fangfang, Mayor Fortin’s new-found friend in the People’s Republic, seen below in this staged photo op.

 FANGFANG-FORTIN: Communist-socialist ‘friendship cities” mayor business buddies… ah, so…?

This is an election, and I feel free, thank God, to speculate very freely on these matters, put two and two together, collate incriminating photos of expensive junkets with smiling politicians mugging for the cameras (or not being able to feign his joy at being bamboozled, as in the photo of the lefty mayor on the right above), and to wonder out loud, why are our youth so asleep?

Can they not see how these traitorous undertakings by these stimulus-spending socialist regimes have no accountability whatsoever?

Who knows why Fortin became friends with Fangfang?

Still haven’t got a good answer to that one.

This year, when the City of Victoria wants to start building a bridge made of high tech steel, iron and other components for the next four years, they undertake a ‘friendship city’ relationship, not exactly a ‘twin’ or ‘sister city’ one, but a ‘friendship city’ one, mind you, with a huge Chinese industrial so-called ‘green city’ that has 6,400,000 residents, a medium sized integrated iron and steel complex, with numerous huge industrial zones manufacturing all manner of expensive exportable building materials, in slave conditions, no doubt, with absolutely no worker or environmental safety protections whatsoever, in the worst human right- abusing regime on earth.

Just ask the Tibetans, the Falun Gong, the Christians in China how they like living under an evil dictatorship, Mr. Fortin, why don’t you?

Will the City of Victoria be sending a big cheque to Mayor Huang Fangfang as soon as this farce of a referendum is over?

They have boldly stated that they will ignore its results and raise taxes by as much as 16% if you silly sheep vote NO.

Should the result go the wrong way for them, they have promised in a most cavalier manner to be spiteful with the electorate that was rude to their sensitive selves.

Not only did the Mayor say on CFAX today that he would ignore the results of a NO victory, he also said we could be facing the closure of the bridge.

The way I figure, at the rate they are neglecting the present heritage bridge, it might not even last another 15 or 18 months, as they have already left it rusting for a full five years now, as FOI requests from FOCUS have shown, I believe.

But they say they will need four (4) years to build the new bridge!

Chinatown and Esquimalt could very well be unconnected for more than two years before the new bridge is finished.




(Vibrant Victoria photo)








FOR $77,000,000.

CITY NEEDS $49,200,000… FOR NOW.





save the johnson street bridge

 fix it for reasonable amount of $

maintain it for posterity

ross crockford and vittorio cheli


just say no

no nonsense

no lies

no omissions

no denials

no new bridge




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  1. Ruth says:

    You aren’t actually being very funny. You are being mean. Too bad, because much of what you have to say makes sense – and the mean streak likely puts many people off.
    No, I’m not suggesting that you follow Mom’s advice (“if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”), but some genuine human sympathy with your adversaries would go some distance to getting them where you want them to go. After all, you aren’t perfect either. Or are you?

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