CITIZEN CROCKFORD UNDER ATTACK: director’s privacy invaded by NDP YES side’s KGB-like trick questions






Ross Crockford must have a wee bit o’ Scots blood in his veins, because he is living so frugally as to have figured out a practical way to keep doing his freelance writing on history, doing some freelance tutoring and teaching, and to keep being the main funding source for the somewhat obscure trio of intellectuals known as, the hottest conservationist group in town.

So hot, in fact, that Mr. Crockford is apparently known at some frustrated engineering and planning desks at Victoria City Hall as the ‘$10,000,000 man,’ supposedly a reference to the boosted costs of the new bridge that they blame on him and his activist friends, for having orchestrated a very successful counter petition to it which precipitated the current referendum, but which they say also upped the cost by that extraordinary amount, thus causing even more unnecessary and costly delays, because an opportunity to get the loan at a lower rate of interest, and supposedly increasing construction materials costs went up in the interim.

This is all rubbish that I heard bandied about by Dean Fortin and Stephen Andrew on air at… where else but that bastion of good ol’ stimulus-pumping Chamber of Commerce pro-businesss at any damn price progaganda, CFAX.

Ross Crockford is all pumped up to save the Johnson Street Bridge, is saving his own hard-earned money by riding a bike, living frugally and is ready to declare the Blue Bridge all but saved… but it ain’t really, until we see those 70% NO votes on November 20 evening we are all expecting, if not even more…

Then we will be able to allow ourselves the luxury of celebrating a great citizens’ victory over an irresponsible, costly, philistine new bridge plan that is going right into the trash bin.

Focus Magazine Cover Victoria BC February 2010

Ross Crockford is in good shape, riding his bicycle over the Johnson Street Bridge not quite every day, but often enough to be very familiar with it, as this photo of co-directors Crockford, Yule Heibel and Mat Wright on the cover of Leslie Campbell’s FOCUS shows.

But Ross Crockford did not really have to reveal so much about his personal-social family life circumstances to the overly intrusive and rude insinuations that he was subject to last night by trick questions from the NDP YES camp.

Which begs the question, who was the overly controlling ‘moderator’ the FCA used last night who was ‘editing,’ as he himself admitted, the actual wording of the people’s questions entrusted to him to read to the debaters?

This officious FCA ‘moderator’ certainly did not seem impartial to me, and his ‘editing’ job of the written questions was very poor indeed if he did not notice or become alarmed at the unfair nature of these foul questions directed to Ross Crockford.

Similar questions were not directed to Mr. Crockford’s debating partner Vittorio Cheli, however.

Mr. Cheli, it should be noted, gave an excellent synopsis of the whole mess that the Fortin regime has made of this file, all from the personal point of view of a man who pays both residential and commercial property taxes in Victoria.

It was a very logical, ordered and convincing plea by a man of normal intelligence and keen interest in public affairs for his fellow citizens in Fernwood to vote NO.

Mr. Cheli would make a very convincing performance as a politician if he was ever interested in auditioning for any political acting job in an election.

One can not help but wonder, however, if this controlling FCA moderator had any present or recent associations with Dean Fortin’s party at City Hall or their great socialist benefactors in the NDP, CUPE or the Police Officers’ Union.

If so, that might explain the origins of the sneaky questions that seem to have caught Ross Crockford off-guard, and which played right into the hands of Councillor John Luton.

Mr. Crockford’s ‘confession’ had all the hallmarks of having been carefully planned in advance by someone, and then extracted from him somehow under extreme duress, and was very difficult to witness.

I felt like yelling out loud, but didn’t at that particular point, alas, to stop the director’s ‘confession’  from being forced from him by a hypocrital group that is actually spending our own hard-earned taxpayer’s money to brainwash ‘we the voters,’ in order to point out to everyone present that he didn’t need to tell us all that much about his personal life.

He did note the same thing himself before spilling his guts: he is not in fact a Victoria City Council Candidate in this particular byelection, thus he is under no legal, ethical or even natural obligation to answer such rude and intrusive questions from our enemies.

Nor are his co-directors Yule Heibel and Mat Wright under any obligation to provide such information to anyone, as they also are not Council Candidates this year, nor have they ever been, I don’t believe.

The former continues to blog in her inimitable exasperated  manner  and provide sometimes cryptic and cynical commentary at local websites, including Vibrant Victoria.

The latter is the campaign director of the Barry Hobbis campaign.

I have no idea why Ross Crockford disclosed such an awful lot of his personal family social information last night, but now that he has done so, in the future I would certainly like to caution him to be very careful not to allow himself to be manipulated by such intrusive and out-of-bounds NDP YES questions that he is under no legal or ethical obligation to answer.

Neither have I  any idea if Yule Heibel and Ross Crockford will publicly endorse Mr. Wright’s favoured candidate, as I have already done myself here at this GPMH blogsite, but I certainly think that they should stand in solidarity with their own co-director Mat Wright and particularly with his boss, Victoria City Council Candidate Barry Hobbis, to send a clear message of unity of purpose by the NO camp that we want Barry Hobbis to lead the vanguard of a new move to improve politics at City Hall for the people of Victoria, carrying with him the  assured overwhelming NO results and everything they imply and signify.

Many thanks to all of them for the great work they have done in the public interest.

Remember though, folks, none of you (except Barry of course) are standing now for public office and therefor none of you need allow yourselves to be further subject to this type of  humiliating trickery, nor should any of you replicate Ross’ ‘confession.’

Defend your privacy as free citizens while you can, because if and when you really get into public office, as I have long ago done a number of times, I can tell you from my own personal experience that they will dissect your private life in very minute detail, and because that will be done within a legally limited time period in an election campaign, they will then be perfectly within their natural, ethical and legal rights to do so.



just vote no



3 Responses to CITIZEN CROCKFORD UNDER ATTACK: director’s privacy invaded by NDP YES side’s KGB-like trick questions

  1. albe says:

    YEs group seems to have great ad budget costs, is the taxpayer paying or someone else.
    Do the good work and you will be appreciated , at least I think if enough people know , but a stink or suspicion of back-handers is possibly detected by the public at large.

  2. Susan Woods says:

    Ross’s honesty is refreshing. And the more he is blamed for standing up for his convictions and that of many others in Victoria, the better for the “no” vote on Nov 20th.

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for both of your comments, Albe and Susan.

    Your point is well taken, Susan and I am certainly not finding fault with Ross’ honesty at all, only the distasteful and unfair way he was apparently manipulated by both the questioner and the Fernwood Community Association’s ‘editing’ moderator, who really should not have done that to him or any other of the debaters under any circumstances.

    Too late, Councillor John Luton chastised the moderator for his error, so I really have to wonder: was that intervention also part of the plan too, to then turn the whole thing around and make John look good, highminded and noble?

    Frankly, I don’t trust these people not to have orchestrated the whole damn thing to humiliate Ross.

    If you were not at the meeting, Susan and Albe, perhaps you can not quite appreciate how difficult it seemed to be for Ross to blurt out all this personal stuff.

    He is a shy person and public speaking doesn’t seem to come to him as naturally as it does to you, Susan, or to Mr. Cheli, and Ross’s discomfort was readliy evident.

    There were lots of ‘ah’ and ‘uh’ sounds punctuating his story as he slowly and labouriously tried to navigate a way through the dark dangerous deep waters filled with NDP YES mines set to blow him to smithereens…

    He did this by carefully telling them some frankly heroic things about himself in such a modest way so as to dismiss the unfounded rumours about the fictional big rich media benefactor in the Uplands who the YES fanatics say is the mysterious figure funding us, but not giving them any further ammunition to attack.

    It took him a while to do this, and he did it with dignity, but it was also very sad, and frankly, it made me very angry because I could very easily imagine them putting me or you, Susan, Hugh, Barry, George, Steve, etc. through the same thing, without hesitation.

    As I mentioned in another posting, when he made the point that many of his family are from Alberta, he seemed almost in tears, and it was heartbreaking to see how his fine work and that of the was being called into question, as if he and all the other volunteers were somehow not really sincere Victoria citizens, or were merely mischievous or were somehow being manipulated by David Black or some other nasty enemy of the socialists.

    I then saw the whole picture quite clearly, as if in a type of revelation:

    They are trying to crucify this heroic citizen who has contributed so much to the cultural, historical and governmental life of this city, particularly in the last two years, and they will go to great lengths to denigrate, disparage and destroy all his good work, and we shouldn’t let them get away with it.

    The NDP YES side, to answer Albe’s query, is completely funded by taxpayer money, and as far as anyone knows, there is no such comparable pro-YES ad hoc citizens’ group like the people.

    That should tell Mayor Fortin and his friend Mayor Fangfang in Nanning that the steel deal is a dead Peking duck.

    Time to get another five year plan cooked up at Victoria City Hall Poliburo of Eternal Socialist Sustainability, eh?

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