PEDRO JOSE MORA WAS CHARGED WITH 5 COUNTS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT IN 1999: Guilty but only served 40 days: Zoe Blunt reports @ Victoria Indymedia




 Pedro Jose Mora, a retired married Quaker Ecuadorean immigrant who moved to Victoria two years ago is a ‘direct democracy’ advocate in the Victoria Byelection-Referendum this year.

Mr. Mora was charged with five counts of sexual assault in 1999, was found guilty but served only 40 days for the crimes, has expressed no public remorse for them, and tried to have the public court record of them hidden from citizen journalists and public interest investigators, according to a report at Victoria Indymedia by well known activist Zoe Blunt.

He has apparently threatened Ms Blunt and Victoria Indymedia with legal action for the story, which Ms Blunt based on the court records, and which will be found in a link in the comments section below, along with a number of other related links.

Mr. Mora attended the all candidates’ forum at the cramped  ‘Little Fernwood’ venue at 1923 Fernwood last night wearing a t-shirt that said VOTE PEDRO.

I am not aware that he has been publicly questioned further about these sad events, however he really should be grilled by voters.

It is simply wrong and audacious of this man and for Jack Etkin, his business associate at Vimeo Videos, to even think that he might be a suitable candidate for election to the Victoria City Council.

I am not suggesting that Mr. Etkin is guilty of any crime, however it would have been much better had he managed to convince his business partner Mora that this idea was a non-starter.

I am frankly surprised at the lack of prudence and common sense exercised by both of these men in continuing to pursue this bizarre idea.

The decent thing to do now would be for Mr. Mora to drop out of the race, apologize publicly and show some remorse for his crimes and for the victims of them.

Jack Etkin should really re-evaluate this association which is damaging to his own good reputation.

It is one thing to be forgiving, but it is quite another thing to think that anyone with such a history could ever be considered for such an office.

Ecuadorean and other Latin American voters in Victoria should not be fooled by Mr. Mora’s charming manner, his facility with the Spanish language and his racial background.

None of these things are good reasons to vote for this man who is frankly obsessed with what he calls ‘direct democracy’, basically an untested theoretical technocratic governance model based on computerized polling programmes.

No one should vote for this man under any circumstances, as his criminal record shows that he was a menace to a number of young girls, thus making him permanently unfit for public office.

Putting him in a Councillor’s seat would be an insult to his victims.


Protester Zoe Blunt is challenging Graham to a public debate about police tactics. Dec. 4, 2009.


Thanks and God bless Zoe Blunt for her courageous public interest journalism in defence of the innocent!

 I admire this feisty woman’s in-your-face attitude of contempt for injustice, her Gandhian-Wild Earth treesitting escapades in the best tradition of Julia Butterfly, and her tremendous efforts to bring more public scrutiny to bear on the criminal Gordo Campbell and his infamous gangster friends in the Sports Cabal’s Olympics Nightmare Games.

Gregory Hartnell


11 Responses to PEDRO JOSE MORA WAS CHARGED WITH 5 COUNTS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT IN 1999: Guilty but only served 40 days: Zoe Blunt reports @ Victoria Indymedia

  1. goyodelarosa says:


  2. goyodelarosa says:


  3. goyodelarosa says:

    Victoria City Council candidate is a sex offender, Zoe Blunt’s article on Pedro Jose Mora at her Wild Coast blogsite:

  4. Zoe Blunt says:

    Gregory, thanks for the shout-out. Yes, Pedro Mora said he could sue me for “liable” AFTER confessing to me that he did time for sexually assaulting a fifteen-year-old. It also appears that his claim that he served a short sentence in a private treatment facility is false. In my analysis, he is not only a sex offender, he is a stupid, lying sex offender.

    I absolutely agree with your statement that “The decent thing to do now would be for Mr. Mora to drop out of the race, apologize publicly and show some remorse for his crimes and for the victims of them.”

    One other point – I should disclose that I’m a radical feminist and have had several lesbian affairs. But that wouldn’t influence your opinion of me, would it? You’re not prejudiced against radical feminists and lesbians, are you?

  5. goyodelarosa says:

    If your research facts are correct, and I assume that they are, Zoe, you have nothing to fear from Senor Mora.

    He is probably just bluffing in his threat to sue you, to try to shut you up.

    But knowing you only a little bit, I don’t think that is likely to happen, is it?

    You are obviously a person who is so headstrong and defiant that you are about as likely to allow yourself to be bullied by Mora as I am for reposting your piece and then retelling his sordid tale in my own manner.

    It won’t happen, Pedro.

    But if, as you say, he is a stupid person, and if he does sue, I would be prepared to stand in solidarity with you to defend your free speech rights, and mine own, of course, in any court, to ensure that we are able to continue to engage Sr. Mora and his ilk in free public interest political critical analysis online without fear of intimidation.

  6. Zoe Blunt says:

    Derrr…. Today’s blog recipe: Take equal parts of the bllindingly obvious and self-contradictory nonsense. Blend, add typos for garnish.

    Drop me a note if you come up with anything interesting. (Hate speech doesn’t count.)

  7. Zoe Blunt says:

    Oh – and you don’t get to “stand in solidarity” with me after you denounce me as a “menace radical feminist.” Solidarity like that I DON”T Need. Seriously, d00d, get a brain checkup.

  8. goyodelarosa says:

    Left you are, comrade Zoe!

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