Is Filipovic campaign lawbreaking by placing their plastic signs on City of Victoria-owned lamposts, signposts, public boulevards, etc.?

The Green Party’s Filipovic campaign is definitely leading the pack of environment despoilers in this Victoria byelection.

At least they are doing so in terms of the number of huge ugly plastic signs that have already popped up all over town, on public property.

I saw a number of them on Cook Street on the public boulevards, one attached to a public lamp standard at the Five Points corner of Moss and Fairfield, and another attached to the back of a stop sign at Moss and Richardson Streets just now.

This is surely an abuse of bylaws governing the posting of elecction signs in the City of Victoria, or should be if it is not already.

In past elections, I am quite sure that other candidates have been asked to remove their campaign signs from public property, whether it was the Pandora boulevard, the one in front of the arena monstrosity, or elsewhere.

Referendum on Saturday November 20, 2010


Steve Filipovic’s people may very well counter that the City of Victoria has not played fair in its own use of public property, to display their own distasteful propaganda, as they have done so blatantly with a huge VOTE YES colour sign on the huge hightech flashing thing in front of the SOFMC.

They have also used the handy little poster display spaces custom made for the purpose on their shiny new blue parking ticket dispensing machines, and large backlit posters to the same effect have appeared at bus stops, on commercially-rented space.

What is the final budget for all this distasteful, certainly unethical and perhaps illegal propaganda activity?

Has anyone put in an FOI request for full disclosure of these costs to the taxpayers?

If not, such an FOI should be filed with the City of Victoria as soon as this farce of a referendum is mercifully over.

The City of Victoria should also have been stopped in abusing public property in this way by a solvent public interest group.

A failure by the Concerned Citizens to apply for an application for an injunction to stop the abuse of the byelection-referendum process by the City of Victoria was a lost opportunity to expose Mayor Fortin’s goons’ bullying tactics and scaremongering.

I now sincerely regret that I did not unilaterally launch such an application for an injunction to stop the City of Victoria earlier in the campaign when the City’s abusive propaganda practices were first becoming evident.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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