George Sirk campaign signs appear near Richardson/Arnold bus stop with hand-written message: DEER CONTROL



Lieutenant Governor Point needs to work on a wildlife management plan with neighbours

to control unsustainable deer population, says Gregory Hartnell



George Sirk is an independent Councillor Candidate who markets himself as a naturalist, even having had a radio show on CFUV for a few years called ‘Nature Boy,’ named after the original longhaired vegetarian nudist German-American proto-hippies that popped up in sunny California in the late forties.

He is recycling his colourful campaign signs from his last stab at election, and some of them are starting to appear on City of Victoria boulevards.

Taking a walk through the enchanted Rockland neighbourhood this morning, I noticed two such signs on the north side of Richardson Street near the corner of Arnold.

The sign just to the east of the bus stop, closer to Saint Charles Street, has this misspelled legend: DEER CONROL.

An obvious typo, but the other sign nearer the bus stop was spelt correctly: DEER CONTROL.

I was glad to see the Naturalist candidate address this issue, which I have also addressed in a cranky letter to the Editor of the Victoria News earlier this year.

But I wonder what exactly does George Sirk advocate when his signs say DEER CONTROL?

Or, is this passionate, intelligent naturalist tour guide father the victim of agents-provocateurs, challenging him to defend the creatures in the name of animal liberation?

It is unclear whether this is a call for control of the deer by humanoids, or an acknowledgement of the sad fact that the deer are already in control.

Male mule deer in the Government House grounds, Rockland, Victoria

Colour photo from Nature Victoria by James Clowater

Does Victoria City Council Candidate George Sirk want a complete and thorough cull, sedation and transportation of the creatures to another site in the CRD parks system, or a fancy wrought iron fence around the huge wooded parklike property on the Rockland escarpment to protect them against vigilante hunters and irate bourgeois gardeners?

This amiable bilingual Venezuelan-Canadian Councillor Candidate is supported by the well-known environmentalist artist-writer Briony Penn, a member of the ‘green’ wing of the Liberal Party of Canada.

I do not know whether Mr. Sirk has any other more direct ties to that scandal-ridden Death Culture Establishment party, but this question should probably be posed to him also, in light of Ms Penn’s open support for him:

What are George Sirk’s connections, if any, to the Liberal Party of Canada, or to any other political party?

Has George Sirk received any financial help from that party or any other party, I wonder, to fund this campaign?

As a matter of historical record and fairness, all the Candidates in the November 20 byelection in Victoria should be forthcoming with this public interest information.

God knows, Marianne Alto does not hide this aspect of her campaign’s association with the New Democratic Party all that effectively, but that association puts all the rest of the independent candidates, including Mr. Sirk, at a very real disadvantage.

A huge orange-red-purple money machine is funding the Alto campaign, in the form of CUPE and NDP mutual backscratching, with the interlocked connections of the Sapphic wing of that party and a similar cadre of radical feminist lesbian militants in the Canadian Union of Public Employees helping get her Dean Fortin worshiping, high tax, ‘harm reduction’, infrastructure-mad agenda publicized through all their normal channels.

Gregory Hartnell





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