Pamela Madoff to Gregory Hartnell: ‘Whatever has happened to change you so much I am very, very sorry’

Pamela Madoff and Lynn Hunter, career Establishment socialist politicians,

with the current Victoria City Council, both in symbolic red,

like the Chinese Communist Party flag



I am writing this not as a member of Council but as someone who met you over 40 years ago when we were high school students.

I remember a bright, charismatic, memorable and artistic young man.

I remember your wonderful artbook store.

I remember buying Pre-Raphaelite cards from you and feeling grateful that I thought I had found a kindred spirit.

I remember walking into a store in Portland and seeing beautiful decorative art painted on the walls and I immediately thought of you.

Imagine my delight when I inquired with the proprietor and discovered that you had been the artist.

Gregory, I don’t know what happened to that lovely, generous young man to have him now filled with such venom and intolerance.

All I can say is that whatever has happened to change you so much I am very, very sorry. I miss the inspiration that yóu once gave to me.



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