Susan Woods clarifies her position on the Johnson Street Bridge, homelessness and other priorities



Thank you for the coverage.

I also wish to clarify my position on the bridge.

I want to see it repaired absolutely.

My comment about ‘ultimate replacement’ was made in the context of there being a “yes” vote returned in the Nov 20th referendum.

In that case, I would lobby for a less costly design to save money, resources and the rail.

My position (if there is a “no” vote which is what I hope for) is for a full review of all REPAIR options and to explore how refurbishment could be achieved while ensuring access across the bridge at all times to ensure the viability of commerce.

My concerns about borrowing 49 million is the lack of financial support from surrounding municipalities – the new design excludes rail, which would be imperative in the future to link commuter rail to downtown transit – and the Blue Bridge is an important heritage asset.

I have now updated my webste to better clarify my position on this important issue – and my brochure has also been updated.

And I do have a position on homelessness, of course.

I just deliberately choose to talk about other things.

Because someone does not always mention homelessness does not mean they don’t care, or have opinions, or good solutions.

Indeed, I have very personal experiences and insights into the issues – but best shared in person rather then a few sentences in a brochure.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to answer any questions about my postion on transportation, affordable rental housing, amalgamation, the cultural health of our city, downtown safety, how to keep taxes under control, and I’ll be a strong advocate for a value-for-money audit at City Hall.

I am not burying my head in the sand about social issues – and look forward to one day being in a poistion to have an affect on public policy in this regard.

Cheers, Thanks! Sue


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