PAUL BROWN: ‘There is one particular issue that should be front and centre, yet is receiving scant attention – regionalization’


As you may be aware, I am a candidate for Victoria City Council in the upcoming by-election.

There is one particular issue that should be front and centre, yet is receiving scant attention – regionalization.

The issue has been kicked around for years, the provincial government is not prepared to step in without an invitation from the municipalities and our neighbouring municipalities, for the most part, are less than enthusiastic.

Regardless, the fact is the City of Victoria has been and continues to fund many of the Capital Region’s issues such as policing and homelessness with a municipal budget.

The most recent example is the comment by the Mayor of Esquimalt that they are unwilling to fund the two police officers to be stationed at the new Rock Bay shelter because it is a regional issue, not an Esquimalt issue.

Particularly frustrating is when you hear another candidate, Marianne Alto, saying Victoria needs to take the lead championing the regional transportation issue.

This is not an issue that is high on the list for most citizens of Victoria; few of us experience the frustration of the Colwood crawl or the congestion coming in from the Pat Bay Highway.

Yes, we should be at the table, but only if our neighbouring municipalities are prepared to join in on regional issues such as policing, poverty and homelessness.

Also, both Barry Hobbis and Marianne Alto do not live in Victoria.

They live in a neighbouring municipality and this not a problem – if, however, they are going to run for Council in Victoria, they need to champion the issues that are important to our municipality first rather than those that are a priority to the municipality in which they reside.


Paul Brown, Victoria

Regional Concerns

Letter to the Editor of Monday Mag

November 4, 201o

Page 4

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