Bernard von Schulmann, an influential Victoria political analyst who supports and has publicly endorsed the candidacy of Susan Woods, likes to take coffee with candidates during election campaigns, and then write his impressions of them at his Victoria Vision website.

Recently Mr. Schulmann went to the Cranberry Cafe on Pandora Avenue with Victoria City Council Candidate Hugh Kruzel.

Niko, Susan, Hannah and Hugh Kruzel at a Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra benefit dinner in Ottawa, Ontario


Schulmann describes Mr. Kruzel as an optimistic idealist who is running an ‘anti-campaign’ without a team of volunteers, simply phoning people on his Rolodex and hoping to spread the message by word of mouth.

He mentions in passing that Kruzel has a website, but frankly, there is not much there that I can see as yet…

Kruzel is a middle-aged married father who prides himself on his longstanding environmental and conservationist activities, including writing for more than twenty years on these subjects when he lived in Ottawa and Montreal with his family.

A resident with his family in a high rise near the Saint Andrew’s Pre-School and Elementary in the Pandora Avenue neighbourhood which has been a hot spot for all manner of human misery including stabbings, shootings, attempted murder, accidental homicide, prostitution soliciting, fornication, wide open hard drug injection, traficking crime, public drunkeness, urination, defecation and staged protest activity, Kruzel emphasizes the importance of candidates needing to live in the city they hope to represent, without making direct reference to his main competitor, Barry Hobbis, who apparently lives in an adjoining municipality.

Although he is not representing any political party in this election, I believe that Hugh Kruzel unsuccessfully sought the nomination of a local constituency association for the Conservative Party of Canada in a recent federal election.

For links to the article on Hugh Kruzel by Bernard von Schulmann at Vision Victoria and to Hugh Kruzel’s webpage, please refer to the Comments section below, or look in the CCC BLOGROLL, in the lower left hand corner of this blog.

CCC BLOGROLL links are arranged alphabetically; look for Vision Victoria and KRUZEL, HUGH: Support Hugh Kruzel.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog


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