HUGH KRUZEL: A serious candidate challenges Barry Hobbis for Sonya Chandler’s job

Hugh Kruzel, a married father employed as a chef who lives on Pandora Avenue near the war zone, has stepped forward to challenge Barry Hobbis for the vacated seat on the Victoria City Council.

For months, Mr. Hobbis was the only declared candidate for the job, but now that Mr. Kruzel has joined the race, it will start to get really interesting, and it will not be an easy decision for many people to choose between the two men.

Crucial issues to pay attention to in each man’s campaign will be their proposals to address the mess on the Pandora boulevard, residential and commercial property taxes, and of course, the endangered Johnson Street Bridge issue.

Other candidates are mentioned in a Times Colonist article today, but these all have baggage.

Marianne Alto has her association with the Victoria Civic Electors to live down.

That group is seriously compromised by the outrageous performance of the current Red-Green slate on Council, led by a big spending, tax-hiking VCE socialist mayor, Dean Fortin.

The latter is quoted in the TC  babbling about all those great Victoria citizens whom his Council encouraged to run for office by raising the entrance fee for them to register, to $100 (from $25), and raising the required number of endorsers to 25 from 5.

‘The City of Victoria is blessed by many citizens who are willing to step up and to try to be involved in civic government, and that’s great,’ said the mayor, apparently with tongue planted firmly in his left cheek.

Rose Henry is barely functionally literate, although she is improving.

Although it is a nice liberal-seeming idea, it would not be prudent nor wise to elect any person to any office anywhere in the world based on his or her race, sex and/or economic status.

Last time, Rose Henry got a lot of people voting for her because she played those cards, I believe.

Every time she introduces herself to a crowd, one knows within a minute that she is a poor, chronically unemployed Aboriginal woman, and an unseemly public shaming ritual follows.

Pedro Jose Mora, recently arrived in Victoria from Vancouver, is a convicted sex offender, according to the TC and although there is apparently no known law against him seeking the office, certainly it would be an inappropriate thing to elect a person who has such a history to a public office anywhere.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


7 Responses to HUGH KRUZEL: A serious candidate challenges Barry Hobbis for Sonya Chandler’s job

  1. goyodelarosa says:


    • Hugh Kruzel says:

      Hi Gregory! Thanks for your support! I believe one of the biggest issues in being a valid candidate is that of residency. If a candiate does not live in this community (and by this I mean lives, sleep, shop, have kids that go to school here…in Victoria) then they should not run. I would not run in Saanich nor Oak Bay. My pillow is right here in Harris Green! When I talk with neighbours we talk about Victoria issues! By way of an update I am currently employed as a wine consultant. Liquor Plus has its HQ on Blanshard at Fisgard. I graduated with additional certification in management from Royal Roads. I have more than two decades of writing about urban design, transit, food security and environmental isses. Of course I want to see an orderly and organized city that is livable and walkable. I don’t want to see spiraling taxes! Neighbourhoods should be vibrant and encourage a sense of pride.

  2. goyodelarosa says:


  3. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for your comments, Hugh.

    I will look forward to hearing what you have to say about the Johnson Street Bridge fiasco tonight at the Metropolitan United Church at Quadra and Balmoral.

    Gregory Hartnell, President
    Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

  4. John Smith says:

    Barry Hobbis is a flake, skipped out on last months rent and left property damage

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