WILLIAM VANDER ZALM’S ANTI-HST PETITION IS LEGAL ‘GREAT VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY’: Supreme Court Justice Bauman quotes Gordo Campbell in describing FIGHT HST work


Justice Robert Bauman, of the  Supreme Court of British Columbia, ruled this morning in the Vancouver Courthouse that ex-premier William Vander Zalm‘s FIGHT HST petition is valid, legal and ‘a great victory for democracy,’ quoting none other than the current ‘BC Liberal’ premier of the province, the hapless Gordo Campbell, who has been trying desperately to sell the hated sales tax to the people as somehow good for us.

All you Liberals thinking of voting for this tax in the legislature had better think twice.

If you vote for it, your days are numbered.

If you don’t vote for it, but stay in your seats as Liberals, you may still be subject to recall.

Either way, you Liberals are history.

The future of the province is in Billy the Gardener’s hands!

For a link to the Vancouver Sun’s telling of this historic victory, please refer to the Comments section below.

– Gregory Hartnell, Editor



8 Responses to WILLIAM VANDER ZALM’S ANTI-HST PETITION IS LEGAL ‘GREAT VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY’: Supreme Court Justice Bauman quotes Gordo Campbell in describing FIGHT HST work

  1. Jim Fraser says:

    Of course the HST is transfer of wealth from BC taxpayers to the rich. However the money clawed from public would/will amount to nothing compared to the billions of $’s being plundered from BC Hydro by political baglickers and friends an relatives. Management fees & wages have shot up from 325million to over 600 hundred million $’s. These people try to bullshit us to beleiving BC does’t have enough electricity and Gord is in California trying to peddle more to them.BC supplies the entire west coast of America!! WAC Bennett had the foresight to build the capability in our dams to take more turbines for the future.The citizens of BC own BC Hydro and any additional producing dams(run of river) BC Hydro was capable of building those,is it not strange that Gord would allow his pals to profit 100% and the province nothing. What is the motivation you should ask yourself and everybody you can think of. This scam & fraud is a million times worse than BCE or BC Ferries. Ottawa and the RCMP should be throwing the theiving bastards into prison.When Gord was flopping about drunk in his own urine and vomit in the American jail cell he was in the right place. How does he cross the border with the drunk drivig charge? Regards Jim

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jim.

    Rafe Mair is a strong critic of the BC Hydro mess, and the privatization of our rivers.

    Here is how the Globe covered the Supreme Court Justice’s decision on the FIGHT HST petition:


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