RECALL IDA CHONG: Oak Bay-Gordon Head Liberal Minister is on FIGHT HST’s hit list

Although I  don’t live in Oak Bay anymore, I was never impressed with Ida Chong when I did.

Ida is the loyal lying Liberal minister who submits outrageous meal expenses claims for meals she never ate, supports the HST and purports to represent the riding.

She was re-elected with a very narrow margin and is very vulnerable to recall.

Now that she is on William Vander Zalm’s FIGHT HST hit list of Liberal MLAs targeted for recall, I would encourage all people of good faith and common sense (and that includes former Liberals) in the riding to do their utmost to recall this unsuitable and apparently corrupted woman.

The sooner she is replaced with a person from another party who will work hard to rescind the HATED SALES TAX, the better off the good hardworking people of Oak Bay – Gordon Head will be.

For a link to the FIGHT HST page profiling the smiling, lying Liberal minister whose days are numbered, please refer to the Comments section below.

-Gregory Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog




7 Responses to RECALL IDA CHONG: Oak Bay-Gordon Head Liberal Minister is on FIGHT HST’s hit list

  1. Rob Forbes says:

    What a pathetic bunch of looser bullies! Hey Willi, if you have something to say have the guts to run for office. And the NDP, hiding behind the skirts of v d Zalm and Delaney not to mention the behind the scenes manipulation of the Public Service Unions. Just remember, this recall legislation was not written to overthrow a government (quote from Moe himself). This can backfire and it will when the majority voters in BC get fed-up with the leftist anarchists.

    Good luck to you Ida, BC supports you!!

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Mr. Forbes, I am allowing your nonsense comment to be published, simply as a cautionary tale to those few benighted souls in the riding who would still be tempted to support this unfit minister.

    With the recall campaign started today, I am quite confident that the common sense people of Oak Bay-Gordon Head will make provincial history by recalling one of the worst of the worst of the BC Liberals.

    I only wish that I still lived in the municipality of Oak Bay to relish the pure pleasure of signing the FIGHT HST petition to recall Ida Chong.

    Mr. Vander Zalm and his friends have the ethical authority of all people of common sense and good faith in the province at the moment, and we will support him and the Oak Bay-Gordon Head FIGHT HST volunteers with our prayers, letters, signatures, moolah, and yes, ultimately, votes… elsewhere… anywhere but for the BCLiberals.

    To suggest that these voters are somehow ‘leftist anarchists’ is the height of folly, sir, with all due respect to your political analysis.

    Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)

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