JEFF BUZIAK: ‘There’s a large group of concerned citizens who are not happy with what’s gone on with the police’



Saanich Police now working with information

compiled by private investigators


The father of a young real estate agent stabbed to death at a Gordon Head home in 2008 says private investigators working on the case have narrowed down the list of suspects to five.

Jeff Buziak‘s 24-year-old daughter Lindsay was killed on Feb. 2, 2008 while showing a house in the 1700-block of De Souza Pl. in Saanich.

No arrests have been made in connection with her murder and Jeff Buziak says he’s very frustrated with the Saanich police over its investigation.

“Communication with Saanich police has been poor to nil for a very long period of time,” Buziak said.

“While my frustration is high, I have not stopped trying to solve this murder.”

A private investigator in Victoria has been working on the case since 2008, he said.

When the police investigation stalled and no arrests were made, Buziak decided to “team up” with the P.I.

“There’s a large group of concerned citizens who are not happy with what’s gone on with the police, with the information from the plice, with the actions of the police department,” Buziak said.

The private investigator’s files have now been turned over to Saanich police in hopes that the information helps the police investigation and ultimately leads to an arrest.

The five suspects are from Victoria and the Lower Mainland.

Some of them knew Lindsay, some didn’t.

“In Victoria, it’s not six degrees of separation, it’s two degrees.

“It’s a small enough community that everybody knows somebody.”

Earlier this week marked the expiration of a $100,000 reward put up by the family for information leading to an arrest.

Buziak said the reward will not be renewed.

Later this month, Dateline NBC will air a one-hour special on Lindsay’s murder, which Buziak says will be “quite revealing.”

“The show will be very, very, very revealing.

Dateline has a wide network of resources, and very experienced people working on their investigative report,” he said.

Buziak said he takes some solace knowing that there are so many people across North America who want to see his daughter’s murder solved.

“It’s the most horrible situation as a parent you can possibly go through,” he said.

“Lindsay was a beautiful young woman, aspiring to greatness in her life… she was not involved in illegal activities.

“She was like any other young woman trying to move on with her life and her career.

“And she was taken from her family, friends and her community by people who shouldn’t be allowed to be free in society.”


CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria News:

P.I.s have five suspects, slain realtor’s father says

Kyle Slavin:

Friday, August 6, 2010






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