DON PATTERSON ON JOSEPH STRAUSS’ BRIDGE: ‘The information the City [of Victoria] is supplying needs to be trustworthy and forthcoming’





The City [of Victoria] says that it is puzzled by the lack of public interest in the Johnson Street Bridge.

I have no doubts that something needs to be done, but the information the City is supplying needs to be trustworthy and forthcoming.

In the past month we have been informed that the bridge will need to be closed in two years.

The new bridge option will allow the old bridge to remain open while the new bridge is built.

It will take four years to build.

The City said the traffic disruption will only be minimal, but basic math – four years minus two years suggests that there will not be a Johnson Street Bridge crossing for two years.

Is that a minimal disruption?

The new bridge option states that there will be improved navigation channels, yet the cross-section of the bridge shows the walkway will be much lower.

By lowering the height of the bridge it will reduce the number of vessels that can go under the bridge while it is down; therefor, increase the amount of times the bridge needs to rise.

I am sure many of us are aware of the effect on downtown when the bridge is up.

Despite repeated attempts to get the height of the bridge clarified by the City, I have not received a response.

Until the information is less biased and more forthcoming, I will be showing my public interest in groups that supply trustworthy information.


Don Patterson



CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist

Bridge information cannot be trusted

Friday, August 8, 2010

Page A13





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