‘PANDORA GREEN’ is not a park, it’s an anarchic DEATH CULTURE black market, part of a so-called ‘harm reduction’ strategy promoted by Victoria City Council

When the B. C. Supreme Court’s Madame Justice Ross found that the City of Victoria had infringed on the Charter-protected rights of some of the indigent homeless by arresting activists who camped in Cridge Park, Beacon Hill Park and Centennial Square, she said that as long as there was a shortage of shelter beds for them, the City of Victoria had a legal and ethical responsibility to allow them to sleep at night in public parks during hours set by the City of Victoria itself.

That was a kind of Pyrrhic victory, in that it made the newly-elected City Council under socialist Mayor Dean Fortin look heartless and inept.

Madame Ross’ ruling also highlighted the deficiencies in the City of Victoria’s social welfare system, while giving the poor a symbolic victory, but one which would allow the City to continue to ignore their basic needs for supervised  social housing, abstinence treatment and holistic health care, while also abusing the long-suffering neighbours as the most anti-social criminal unhealthy behaviour of the sickest of them became increasingly intolerable.

Now the Fortin Council pretends that ‘there ‘s little it can do [about problems in front of Our Place] since a court ruling that camping in parks is legal and Pandora Green is classified as a park,’ according to an article by Bill Cleverley in today’s Times Colonist.

‘Pandora Green’ is not a park, it’s a disgraceful anarchic DEATH CULTURE black market, part of a so-called ‘harm reduction’ strategy which is actually officially promoted by the Victoria City Council.

It  should not be allowed to be abused as it now is, even if it was a real park.

 It is a boulevard bounded on all sides by moving traffic, some of it, on Pandora Avenue, Vancouver Street, Quadra Street and Cook Street, very fast-moving traffic.

Recently an apparently intoxicated person died at the Quadra and Pandora corner.

It is just a matter of time before we will hear of deaths from overdoses on the so-called ‘Pandora Green.’

Will the Fortin Council then continue to pretend that its so-called ‘harm reduction’ strategy is working?

Will the Fortin Council continue the pretense that because this area is supposedly a park, that it cannot do anything about the chaos that is rampant there at all hours of the day and night?

Will the Fortin Council continue to be in denial about its own dereliction of duty in enabling of anti-social crime, dangerous public injection activities and untreated addiction diseases?





4 Responses to ‘PANDORA GREEN’ is not a park, it’s an anarchic DEATH CULTURE black market, part of a so-called ‘harm reduction’ strategy promoted by Victoria City Council

  1. albe says:

    Would a fence at least stop persons falling into or being shoved into traffic, as a temp measure. In California that state opens school gyms at night to the homeless , hours are sensitive of course. Showers and mats are there already and the schools are empty at night. Security is hired . In high temp times a cooling center is also ,ad hoc arranged, tho we won’t need that here. Until the province and the municpal boundries of concern are written on this , we may be waiting a long time.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    A fence would be interpreted by these poor people as an enticement to stay longer, and would deprive the rest of the taxpaying citizenry of their right to enjoy the boulevard unmolested, so I would be reluctant to advocate for that, although I share your concerns that someone else, high as a kite, will be killed as they stagger onto Pandora or Cook Street, oblivious to the fact that these are major thoroughfares, and not little sidestreets abutting an obscure out-of-the-way parkette…

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