D. F. CONNORS: ‘Chong spent $5,921 on what should be really only lunches’

MLA Ida Chong billed thee and me – the taxpayer – some $5,921 for meals and is unapologetic.

Her reasoning is that, when the legislature is in session, she is not able to leave the building for a meal.

I would presume that Chong, who only lives 15 minutes from the building, would grant the taxpayer consideration by having her breakfast at home and would return to her home for dinner.

It must be noted that most companies in the private sector do not allow employees to bill their employer for lunch when so close to home.

Lunch is a cost to the employee.

The legislature sat for 60 days in the last fiscal year.

Chong spent $5,921 on what should be really only lunches.

That’s an average $98 per sitting day for what should be lunch.

One might also wonder at the status of such MLA perks with Revenue Canada.

D. F. Connors



CCC BLOG reprint

Mighty pricey lunches for Chong

Victoria Times Colonist: timescolonist.com

Tuesday, July 201, 2010

Page A13



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