WILLIAM VANDER ZALM ON FIGHT HST’S NEW COURT CHALLENGE: ‘We will fight the HST in B. C. by all peaceful, democratic and legal means available to us’






Organizers of an anti-HST petition are challenging the constitutionality of the harmonized sales tax.

Former Premier Bill Vander Zalm said his FIGHT HST group filed their challenge in B. C. Supreme Court yesterday.

“It violates core constitutional principles, including the federal principle, the principles of democracy and the principle of no taxation without representation,” Vander Zalm said.

The move became necessary when a prominent group of B. C. business organizations moved to have the Fight HST organization’s petition drive declared unconstitutional, he said.

“We have been forced to take legal action to show that the HST is not constitutional in order to derail their undemocratic attempt to kill the people’s petition,” he said.

“We will not allow the people to be bullied by the government using legal manoeuvres undertaken by self-interested parties who stand to gain at the people’s expense.

“We will fight the HST in B. C. by all peaceful, democratic and legal means available to us.”

The group has hired constitutional lawyer Joseph Arvay to legally challenge the unpopular 12 per cent tax.

“This is a very serious challenge to the B. C. government,” said NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston.

“Joseph Arvay is one of the leading, if not the leading, constitutional lawyers in the country.

For that reason, it has to be taken seriously.

“His name has a lot of clout to it.”

At a news conference yesterday [Monday, July 5, 2010], Arvay said he hopes to go to court by August 1.

“I consider this to be a relatively urgent matter,” he said.

The harmonized sales tax – which combines the provincial sales tax with the GST – took effect July 1, as did the HST in Ontario.

Premier Gordon Campbell, who said during the 2009 election campaign that the tax was not being considered, now argues it will give the province a more competitive tax regime to attract business.

The ant-HST petition, with more the 700,000 signatures, includes a draft law to repeal the HST.


CCC BLOG reprint:

Anti-HST team files court challenge

Ian Austin: Canwest News Service

Victoria Times Colonist: timescolonist.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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3 Responses to WILLIAM VANDER ZALM ON FIGHT HST’S NEW COURT CHALLENGE: ‘We will fight the HST in B. C. by all peaceful, democratic and legal means available to us’

  1. Julie says:

    Campbell is a dictator, and dictators honor nothing. It is said, Campbell controls all, the Judicial system, newspapers, TV media, the RCMP, the FOI and every agency and service in the entire province. Look at the trial of, the corrupt sale of the BC Rail, which Campbell sold. The trial is a farce, tried in a corrupt court. Martyn Brown, is brain dead, the judge is a disgrace. They should get a real kangaroo, to judge that farce. The HST court challenge, will just be dismissed. We see how the RCMP, have their crimes, shoved under the table, no matter, if it is seen on video by thousands of citizens. Campbell and his Liberal government, is very much like China’s government. He makes many trips to China, so, big brother is watching BC.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Julie, I share your concerns about the disgraceful antics of Gordon Campbell and his ilk, whose numbers are falling, deservedly.

    My only concern is that the NDP would be worse.

    We need a new provincial party that is not tied to corporations or unions, but represents all the rest of us, the ‘silent majority’ who still expect accountable responsible just government.

  3. DoasIsay says:

    I have the suits and miss the press
    The HST mine to address.
    Bring on the cameras, let me digress.
    How to get Gordie, forget my mess.
    Where’s my Party, don’t ask me why…
    Give me Credit I’m a Social guy.
    And when the HST is toast.
    Gordie’s gone I will boast
    Fantasy Garden’s there I will be.
    Working hard, oh yes, weed free.

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