GREG ALEKNEVICUS ON RAIL OVER JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE: ‘Spending $12 million or $23 million… is absurd’



Re: One expensive piece of track (Victoria News, June 18)


Victoria City Councillor John Luton asks: “People can walk the distance (to a train station in Vic West), but the important question is, will they?” 

This demonstrates a flawed point of view.

First, it suggests that most passengers are walking to the current station, but I challenge this notion.

From what I have observed, most passengers are arriving/departing by forms of transit other than by foot.

For this majority, it will make little difference on which side of the water the terminus is located.

Furthermore, Councillor Luton is making the assumption that Vic West is a greater distance for those passengers who do walk to the station, another notion I challenge.

The station’s current location is not a residential hub and relatively few people live in the immediate vicinity.

Contrast this with the abundance of residences on the Vic West side.

Locating the terminal closer to where a greater number of people live is likely to be more convenient, not less.

Finally, while I agree that a rail-portion of the bridge would be a nice thing to have, spending either $12 million and $23 million for something that has a current daily usage of – at best – dozens of people, is absurd.


Greg Aleknevicus



CCC BLOG repost:

Councillor’s rail logic flawed

Victoria News :

Friday, July 2, 2010

Page A9




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