Vander Zalm’s FANTASTIC victory over The Liar: 705,643 FIGHT HST petitions signed!



There was a time in the late eighties and early nineties when I didn’t have much use for then Premier William Vander Zalm, because his Social Credit government had a bad plan to privatize a national historic site and designated Provincial heritage building on the edge of downtown Victoria called Saint Anne’s Academy, and the Greater Victoria Concerned Citizens’ Association and the Saint Anne’s Rescue Community Coalition fought that stupid plan in the courts.

But these days, Mr. Vander Zalm is the hero of at least 705,643 of his fellow B. C. taxpayers, including myself and my wife Dawn Keough Hartnell, having amassed that staggering number of signatures on his FIGHT HST petition.

Gordo Campbell, the current lame duck ‘BC Liberal’ premier who is despised  by more than 80% of those polled recently, got the guest editorial slot in the pro-corporate business monopoly paper today, but his arguments are falling on deaf ears.

Hopefully, a last-minute application for an injunction to halt the petition in the courts by a pro-corporate business lobby group will be similarly rejected by a prudent judge.

Most people want to know and can’t wait to see when The Liar himself will be recalled.

The recalls will start, but not soon enough for many of us.

But Mr. Vander Zalm is wise like a serpent, and does not want to hand over all the hard work garnered by the FIGHT HST volunteers to the hapless New Democratic Party (NDP), led by the absent Carole James, as Times Colonist pundit Les Leyne noted in his column the other day.

The former premier will chip away at the pro-tax Liberals most vulnerable to recall (those who forced more than 25% of eligible voters to sign petitions in their ridings).

Bringing down the government now would serve nobody’s interests except those of the NDP, and Billy the Gardener is too smart to do that.

A new party of fiscal responsibility is the order of the day.

Let’s hope that it grows quickly out of this FIGHT HST organization and folds the  stalled and unorganized Conservative Party of BC under its wing, as that party is certainly not the right vehicle to take this movement to the Victoria Legislature to form government.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog


3 Responses to Vander Zalm’s FANTASTIC victory over The Liar: 705,643 FIGHT HST petitions signed!

  1. Angrygranny says:

    Campbell, is doing so much damage to this province, to leave him in office, for one more day, will create a total disaster. However, I am leery of Harper and his close relationship with Campbell. Rumor has it, Campbell, is actually a Conservative, flying under a Liberal flag. Harper and Campbell, travel together, have many photo ops together. It was also said, if Campbell falls, Harper, would bring Campbell to the east, to work for him. That’s too scary for me, any association with Campbell, is suspect.

  2. Standup and Speakout BC says:

    Hear hear – at least he and over 700,000 citizens stood up. When will our media demand to call for a resignation of this government. But we have to put all of this into context of a plot – the neo-liberal movement. Neo-liberal can be compared to a neo conservative – ultra right of right government. In the 1930’s they called it different. Visit also our blog and find out who is telling the truth. Read or article on BC being Hoodwinker Again

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for your comments. I see that Mr. Hansen is hanging on by his fingernails, as he tries not to slip down into a pit of his own devising…
    but where is Salvatore Vetro and the B. C. First Party when we need some relief from these lying Liberals?

    I read in Vaughn Palmer’s column that Mr. Vetro was in charge of the finances for the FIGHT HST group, but it seems he can’t convince William Vander Zalm to join the new party.

    Chris Delaney says he hasn’t joined BC First ‘yet…’ but by using that word he suggests that he might end up there.

    I wrote to Mr. Vetro expressing interest in the new party, but got no reply.

    Here is his address and email, according to Elections BC:

    Salvatore Vetro
    B. C. First Party
    525 East 6th Avenue
    Vancouver B. C.
    Canada V5T 1K9

    – Gregory Hartnell, Editor
    Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog

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