SONYA CHANDLER PULLS A PALIN: Both betrayed those who voted for them






Thank God she is quitting, although her careering caprices will cost Victoria taxpayers.

 Instead of finishing her second three year term for which she was strangely re-elected by a minority of Victoria’s eligible voters in the last municipal election, not long after being returned to office, Sonya Chandler became an even more fanatic proponent of the ‘replacement’ option for the heritage Johnson Street Bridge, despite overwhelming public opposition to that foolish position by those who signed the petition for a referendum on the future of the bridge.

That group actually dwarfed the number of people who voted for her and her philistine cohort, which undeniable fact must surely have had some bearing on her decision to follow in the footsteps of Alaska’s notorious career celebrity posing as a serious politician.

She is very likely the first of a number of lame duck spendthrift Victoria City Councillors who will either quit while they are ahead, or will certainly not stand to be re-elected in the next election, or will certainly not get re-elected if they do.

My hope is that whoever replaces Sonya Chandler will be more concerned with housing the homeless, helping the addicted get off hard drugs and booze by supporting their abstinence in recovery (not giving them needles, crack pipe ‘kits’ or ‘wet houses’), opposing the replacement of the Joseph Strauss-designed bridge near Victoria’s Chinatown, favouring its refurbishment, freezing residential property taxes, freezing City of Victoria hiring, freezing salaries and wages of City of Victoria employees, protecting existing City of Victoria public service jobs, supporting improvements to stormwater drainage systems in Victoria, but opposing unnecessary costly land-based sewage treatment.


Gregory Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


[For a link to a Vancouver Sun article on this issue, please refer to the Comments section below.]


2 Responses to SONYA CHANDLER PULLS A PALIN: Both betrayed those who voted for them

  1. Albe says:

    Neither a naif nor a easy voter, I gave a quick question to Sonya when she ran for office, she answered correctly, on the street she is quick on her feet but may define things differently than myself. After her experience overseas , on return I hope she becomes more of a micro politican than a macro politican . Really the bridge forays of replacement did not pass the smell test, yes it was suspicious. Does every time an economic injection wanted ,the cry of seismic upgrade need be the cover?
    Wish her luck and her family, the bridge is still here.

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