RICHARD BRUNT: HANSEN’S SALES TAX ‘is simply a massive tax transfer, from corporations to the consumer’




Dave Obee‘s comments on the HST include the observation that government “revenue fell sharply last year and something drastic had to be done” (May 11).

This suggests the HST will somehow provide additional tax revenue, and help pay for vital services like health care and education.

Not so, according to Finance Minister Colin Hansen.

He claims the HST is revenue-neutral.

No new money will be generated.

It is simply a massive tax transfer, from corporations to the consumer.

The benefits to the corporations are clear – they pay less.

The advantage for consumers is completely theoretical – that somehow corporate savings will “trickle down” as lower prices.

You don’t need a degree in economics to know that is ridiculous.

Companies in most industries are not racing each other to the bottom, scrambling to provide the lowest possible price.

The HST is a mean, regressive tax.

Poorer individuals and families will pay a far higher proportion of their income on the tax than the wealthy, even after the paltry “rebates” for lower-income residents.

For the vast numbers of people living on the margin, just scraping by, the effect will be devastating.


CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist:

HST wont add to government revenue

Richard Brunt

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Page A13


One Response to RICHARD BRUNT: HANSEN’S SALES TAX ‘is simply a massive tax transfer, from corporations to the consumer’

  1. Julie says:

    Everything a family needs to run their homes, is taxed. The budget, 6% hike on home heat. Hydro, is incrementing to 33%. Our “new” carbon tax 4.45, and another tax hike, July 1st. Phone and cable, has the HST applied. Where the budget doesn’t nail you, the HST does. A can of paint, drywall, clothing, bikes, sports equipment, a tube of lipstick, tools, curtains, you get the gist, the HST has a very long arm. Does anyone else notice, Campbell and Hansen, are very careful, not to mention, the budget taxes and the HST, in the same sentence. It is the combination of the two taxes, that are beyond the peoples ability to pay. That is why, I considered Hansen’s pamphlet a joke, it would only tell half the story. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are the most, sneaky and underhanded outfit, in the history of Canada. They are a litany of lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, thieving of assets and selling them, convicted criminals, you name it, they have done it. How many BC Liberal ministers, are under investigation now? Campbell and Hansen’s, betrayal about the provincial debt and the HST, will never be forgotten, nor, forgiven. The BC Liberals, will be in the history books, noted for their treachery, against the citizens of BC.

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