“Matters of faith, spirituality and religion’ are focus of new ‘Spiritually speaking’ blog @ timescolonist.com/spirituality

Anna Bowness-Park, the spokeswoman for the Christian Science Church in British Columbia, wrote the first posting to the new ‘Spiritually speaking’ blog feature at the Times Colonist‘s website, timescolonist.com/spirituality, which appeared today for the first time.

She is a mother of three, a Christian Science practitioner of spiritual healing for 20 years, and the initiator of the idea of the new blog.

Shoshana Litman, Suresh Basrur, Rabbi Barak Cohen, Lucy Reid, Ven. Eshu Martin, Henri Lock and Brian Armstrong are also on board representing various other faith groups in Greater Victoria.

Missing is a representative of the Roman Catholic Church in Victoria, and so I posted a comment to Anna’s piece entitled ‘Media lens is narrow‘ to address the problem.

My hope is that a Canadian Catholic laywoman from Africa, Asia or Latin America would represent the Church at the new TC blogsite.

For links to the new ‘Spiritually speaking’ blogsite, please refer to the Comments section below or to the CCC BLOGROLL to the right under ‘Spiritually Speaking.’

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog



5 Responses to “Matters of faith, spirituality and religion’ are focus of new ‘Spiritually speaking’ blog @ timescolonist.com/spirituality

  1. Anna Bowness-Park says:

    Hi Gregory,
    Re: spiritually speaking blog.

    I would love to talk with you about your ideas concerning more contributors to the TC blog. This is only the beginning group and was in no way intended to leave people out. One just has to begin somewhere and this is how we began. I should point out again though, that this blog is not about “representing different religions.” No one person can expect to do that. The people writing on the blog are speaking about spirituality from their own personal experience and their own heart. They are of differing religions that may color their perspectives and experiences, but are not limited or defined by it.
    Please contact me so we can talk further.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Dear Anna:

    Thanks for clarifying the issue of whether contributors to the new TC spirituality blog ‘represent different religions.’

    I look forward to reading all of our contributors’ viewpoints, whether from believers, agnostics or atheists, and understand that no one person can possibly ‘represent’ any one major religion or philosophy.

  3. Anna Bowness-Park says:

    Yes Goyodelarosa, there will be opportunity for contributors of no religion, agnostics and atheists. However, if you look at my first article “Does our narroe lens lead to a broad mind?”, on the Spiritually Speaking blog, you will see that it is primarily a place to deal with the very narrow lens through which we look at people of faith, labeling them as of a specific religion and that religion will inevitably come with baggage, as do all human systems. People of faith come with very different perspectives according to cutire, human history, experiences and so on, and should ot be popped into some label as a Protestant, “Catholic, Muslim or whatever. The blog is to promote a better understanding of people who have a faith practice, without the labels.
    Please do feel free to continue to read an interact with the Spiritually Speaking blog.

  4. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for writing again, Anna. Thanks also for your phone number.

    I will give you a call about contributing to the blog.


    Gregory Hartnell, Editor
    (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)

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