Gordo Campbell on Jane Thornthwaite’s impaired driving charge: ‘People make mistakes, and I’ve made them myself’

In B.C. Liberal Premier’s strange worldview,

a tragic disgrace is an ‘opportunity’


Premier Gordon Campbell, who pleaded ‘no contest’ to a number of serious impaired driving charges in Maui in 2003, says that one of his own newly-elected MLA’s, Jane Thornthwaite, ‘should not resign her seat,’ according to an unsigned Canwest News Service story in the monopoly daily Victoria Times Colonist today.

Jane Thornthwaite says ‘her actions were inexcusable,’ but apparently her boss has just excused her.

Meanwhile thousands of intoxicated young British Columbians are congregating every night in downtown Vancouver, showing their supposed Canadian pride and patriotism for the ephemeral thrill of seeing Canadian winter sports medals won by pampered professional athletes, while hundreds of miserable hardcore addicts wander about the Downtown Eastside looking for their next fix. 

The premier has a family history of alcoholism, is known to have gone to 12 step meetings after his arrest, and apparently did not drive for about three months after the Maui incident.

It is not clear to this writer at this time whether he still is sober, whether he continues to attend 12 step meetings or whether he has resumed driving, but if he was adhering to such a healthy regime, I am quite sure we would hear about it from his spin doctors, although attendance at 12 step meetings is supposed to be an anonymous activity.

I hate to say it, but I suspect that the premier is up to his old monkey business, as the attempt to paper over Jane Thornthwaite’s serious criminal activity is an instance of what is called ‘deep denial’ in addictions recovery circles.

Nevertheless, his government’s deplorable inadequate action to attend to the health and housing needs of the poorest and sickest of our fellow citizens prior to receiving visitors from around the world in the supposedly ‘Best Place on Earth’ is frankly an international embarrassment.

He compounds his lack of credibility on issues of substance abuse by not having had the decency and common sense to resign after his own crime.

Now he makes his fellow British Columbians relive that shameful history by attempting to exonerate the ‘inexcusable’ behaviour of one of his favoured B. C. Liberal drunk driving buddies.

Premier Campbell has used the excuse that his infraction was a ‘personal matter,’ and therefor didn’t warrant resignation from the highest public office in the province.

A spokesman for the B. C. Liberal Party caucus also used the same flawed rationale to suggest that the newly-elected North Vancouver MLA would not be subject to any internal party disciplinary action.

Prior to the Games, Liberals announced they would be attempting to attract potential business ‘opportunities’ with representatives of corporations who had been given expensive free tickets to attend some events.

Many of the seats for these corporatists were noted to be empty by scanning tv cameras, while taxpayers end up paying for them, all the while being told that events were ‘sold out.’

This is reminiscent of the same nonsense that happened during Victoria’s supposedly popular Commonwealth Games.

No suggestion has been made by either Jane Thornthwaite or Gordon Campbell that she may have been trying to find those sorts of ‘opportunities’ while staying out late getting hammered.

But she did extol the supposed virtues of the local plonk by twittering two days before she was stopped at a roadside check that ‘B. C. wine’s [sic] are the best!’

 Gordo calls her disgraceful behaviour ‘the opportunity now to earn back the respect and trust of her constituents, and that’s what she should be given an opportunity to do.’

The proper time for the neophyte politician to earn the respect and trust of her constituents was while she was campaigning to be elected.

Now is the proper time for both of them to admit that they continue to have problems with addiction issues, to resign to maintain the honour and integrity of the high offices they hold, and to seek help.

In a number of days, the post-Olympics hangover will start, when people will be forced to endure the nauseating spectacle of the amazingly inept Liberals bringing down their next provincial government budget.

That will be characterized by more cuts to critical health, education, housing and environmental programmes, and the introduction of a new controversial so-called ‘Harmonized Sales Tax’ (HST) designed to offset the huge and growing deficit that will be created by the horribly inflated and non-transparent costs of the two week Olympics folly.

This will be sheer torture for most of the sober and prudent people in the province who didn’t vote or support these disgraceful decadent Games.


Gregory Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog



5 Responses to Gordo Campbell on Jane Thornthwaite’s impaired driving charge: ‘People make mistakes, and I’ve made them myself’

  1. Gloria says:

    Campbell has to fight like hell, to prevent Jane from stepping down. If she goes down, so does he. DUI, is a criminal offense, Campbell and Jane, should be fired. We citizens, heard Campbell begging for our forgiveness for his DUI, we gave it, and then Campbell, being as low as you can get, kicked us in the face. There is no way, they should be trusted. Campbell’s lying, deceit and his crimes against, the citizens of BC, are so horrific, he belongs in prison. That is the only hope this province has, to be rid of Campbell. I wish, prisons, still had a sentence with hard labor. Selling the BC Railroad, which belonged to the citizens of BC, should have immediately, put Campbell in prison. His dirty hands, should have been slapped very hard, for all his underhanded deeds, and there are many, as most people know. I guess crime does pay after all.

  2. Julie says:

    Campbell and his MLA Jane, should both resign. Campbell let Jane off the hook. I wonder if Campbell will support the drunk driver, who hit a young cardiologist and his wife to be, and killed both of them.

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