LINDA ROGERS ON HER 100% SUPPORT FOR ROBERT LATIMER: ‘Nowhere will you find that I advocate for euthenasia’ [sic]

Victoria Poet Laureate neither supports nor opposes

replacement of  Joseph Strauss’ Johnson Street Bridge


Last summer, in the midst of the growing debate over the threatened Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria’s Poet Laureate wrote an impassioned letter to the editor of the local daily newspaper, the Victoria Times Colonist, wherein she seemed to call quite clearly for the building of a new bridge to replace the present heritage bridge designed by Joseph Strauss.

Insisting that ‘the bridge must be replaced,’ she called it ‘an opportunity to make a statement about our city.’

Gregory Hartnell didn’t think much of the letter and said so in a posting to the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog.

More than six months later, on February 11 2010, Rick Van Krugel, apparently writing on behalf of Linda Rogers, wrote to Gregory Hartnell accusing him of slander against her, demanding a retraction and apology: ‘Linda Rogers is a person of modest means and is NOT an heir to the “Rogers sugar refining fortune”,’ wrote Mr. Van Krugel.

Mr. Hartnell immediately, properly and prudently removed the offending half dozen words, denied any intention of slander, apologized for the dissemination of infomation that he had thought to be correct, and referenced Linda Rogers’ position as the Poet Laureate, thereby suggesting the issue was in the public interest.

That same day, Hartnell wrote in answer to Mr. Van Krugel’s concerns: ‘I apologize for disseminating what I thought was correct information.’ 

Linda Rogers, Victoria’s Poet Laureate, followed Mr. Van Krugel’s touchy letter the next day by commenting to Gregory Hartnell, CCC BLOG Editor, on the same six month old posting that upset Mr. Van Krugel, entitled ‘LA DI DA LINDA ROGERS: Let’s get rid of this ‘Poet Laureate,’ originally posted August 5, 2009.

On February 12, 2010, Linda Rogers attempted to clarify her position on a number of issues, including her 100% support for Robert Latimer which she explains by reference to ‘the doctrine of forgiveness’, quoting Holy Scripture, all the while denying that she advocates for what she refers to as ‘euthenasia’.

She also notes that she is now neither for or against replacing the heritage Johnson Street Bridge.

This is in direct contradiction to her position in the letter to the Times Colonist editor referred to above where she wrote ‘it has been my wish that since the bridge must be replaced, and it is timely in terms of infrastructure funding, we regard this as an opportunity to make a statement about our city.

‘This is our chance to create a landmark that enhances our downtown esthetic and tells the world who we are.’

She tops it all off with a nasty, weird and vituperative rant about people who throw stones, referencing stones in the garden of a circa 1957  Rockland mansion designed by Hartnell’s father Peter Hartnell and now owned by his brother John Hartnell, among other things …

For a link to the original article from August 5, 2009 and the recent February 2010 correspondence in commentary to it between Gregory Hartnell (alias ‘Goyo de la Rosa’) versus Rick Van Krugel and Linda Rogers, please refer to the Comments below.


– ‘Goyo de la Rosa,’ Editor




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