Contrary to the hysterical rhethoric of Chief Constable Chu of the Vancouver Police, the seven anarcho-thugs who apparently assaulted police, destroyed property, disturbed the peace, and were arrested in Vancouver today have not ‘taken over’ our legitimate anti-Olympics movement.

Nor have the deplorable antics of these few hoodlums discredited or in any way diminished the ethical value of the critical political analysis of any peaceful protestors and anti-Olympics activists, wherever they are, who condemn such violence unequivocally even as we quite rightly distance ourselves from it.

Our traditonal mentors in the  ancient and perennial Peace Movement go back milleninia at least as far back as to the Buddha himself (if not, to Krishna), then through centuries of oral and written tradition in many disparate cultures to the time of the Jewish Prophets, culminating with Moses, then to Saint John the Baptist, to his aunt Mary Mother of the Messiah, then finally incarnated perfectly in Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the first apostle to the apostles Mary Magdalene, and then from her down through centuries of saints of both sexes, healers, mystics, sages, visionaries and holy people in ordinary life, in many religious and spiritual personalities and manifestations, up to Henry David Thoreau, Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Merton, Catherine de Hueck Doherty, George Woodcock, all the popes since John XXIII, including the present Pope Benedict XVI, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. 

All would stand in solidarity with peaceful protestors in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler; none would condone the violence of these cowardly masked criminals and de facto agents provacateurs of lawless anarchy.

It does make one wonder whether these screwed-up troublemakers were placed in the crowd of noisy anarchists by the police or the army as agents provocateurs to justify the billion dollar expense of 16,500 security personnel…

The inherent violence of the corporations and the violence that they inflict on the people and the land in no way justifies the violence of these reactionaries, however, whoever they really are.

On the contrary, by smashing windows, assaulting police and Olympics partiers, they descend to the same level of inhuman robotization as the worst police double-dippers, hired private security and army mercenaries of the corporatists and the indifferent and creepy Olympic Masonic  sports cult fanatics.

Let’s pray, meditate and then develop practical story-sharing opportunities or ‘non-violence workshops’ (with talking sticks even, if need be) to ensure the rest of the protests stay civilized, peaceful and in the true Clayoquot style of peaceful non-violent civil disobedience in the Gandhian-MJK Jr. tradition.

That’s what happened every night around the campfires in the burnt-out clearcut at Kennedy Lake Bridge at Clayoquot, as I remember so well…

This will ensure that we won’t get criticized for abusing our Charter-protected rights of free speech and assembly by resorting to futile and counterproductive violence.

The Masonic – Olympics sport cultists in the IOC and VANOC already have one death on their hands with the tragic demise of the luge athlete who hit a pole.

He has been sacrificed on their infernal altar of greed, bullying and corruption.

Let’s hope and pray there is no more violence or deaths at these damned ‘Games.’





-Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor




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